Minbie mom Latasha urges all breastfeeding families to try Minbie first!

Helping new families begin and successfully maintain their breastfeeding journey with ease is what we really care about at Minbie.

Minbie is helping Moms increase their milk supply & continue breastfeeding!

Minbie has helped many new moms build their milk supply with the help of our award winning, breast like bottles.


Finding the right bottle & nipple ensures there is no confusion when switching between breast and bottle but also helps avoid issues such as lazy feeding and weak latching.

Minbie's Top Tips For Sharing The Breastfeeding Load With Dad

New parents Alexey & Maria were keen to share as much of the parental load as possible, so chose Minbie to ensure their shared breastfeeding journey was a success.

Reflux in babies - what it is and how to deal with it

Reflux is an incredibly common issue for babies. In this post, we’ll look at what reflux is, how you can help prevent it and what you can do to ease your baby’s discomfort if baby suffers from it despite your best efforts.

5 ways Minbie can help with breastmilk oversupply

For mothers who are struggling with oversupply, our bottles help take the pressure off and allow baby to feed at a pace that's right for them without harming the breastfeeding bond.

Minbie - The best way for Dad to bond

Studies have shown that simply being present for feeding can help Dads bond with their baby, however, Minbie is offering you an even better way to be part of those precious newborn feeds.

Minbie – Helping you become the dad you always wanted to be

“You’re going to be a dad!” Words that can strike fear amongst even the toughest of men. Sometimes the overwhelm can outweigh the delight in that moment, but breathe, you’re going to be awesome!

Baby refusing the bottle? Read how Heidi and her baby turned to Minbie to overcome bottle refusal

Are you finding it difficult to get your breastfed baby to feed from a bottle? Don't worry mom, you're not alone! Read Heidi's bottle refusal story!

Everything you need to know about Baby Colic

Whilst some babies cry more than others, there are a few who cry so much that there’s a special term for the phenomenon. Yes, you guessed it, it’s called ‘Colic’. Learn more about how you can help your colicky baby here!

Minbie- Much easier for Dad and for Daycare

 It’s only natural that you are feeling apprehensive about leaving your precious baby at Daycare, but throw in a little bottle refusal and your anxiety is taken to a whole new level! Let Minbie help.

The ONLY nipple physically possible for our baby!

It was time to test them out and with tears streaming down my face I watched her latch and finish a 4oz bottle like it was nothing. No gagging, no crying, no flailing.

How I finally got my Baby to take the Bottle! A Moms story.

“I have been using the Minbie bottle for about a month now. It is literally the only bottle that I will use for Grant. He takes to it really well. I especially love the nipple and how it imitates the breastfeeding action...

Baby refusing the bottle? Minbie can help.

There are many reasons why your baby may be refusing the bottle and we know it’s not only exhausting for Mom, it can be really upsetting too. Let Minbie help!

Finding relief for infant reflux & colic with Minbie

Two of the most common conditions that young babies suffer from are reflux and colic. Both conditions can be very distressing for parents especially since there’s a lot of conflicting information about what causes them and how they can be...

COVID-19 as it relates to you and your baby

Here’s everything you need to know about how to protect your baby from coronavirus, whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or bottle feeding

The top 4 ways to sterilize your baby's bottles

Baby bottles should be sterilized every time they’re used, ideally directly before they are filled with formula, expressed breast milk or any other liquid. Here are the Top 4 ways to do that!

My Bottle Battle - A New Mom Tells Her Story

Let me start off by saying my dad is going to hate that I’ve written a post about my breastfeeding journey. Now in his 70’s, a father of two children who were only ever bottle fed, he’s sure I’ve been...

Minbie is the best bottle to support breastfeeding

Issue #1 Nipple-Confusion Nipple-confusion is a widely used term to describe the scenario when babies are reluctant to breastfeed and prefer to bottle feed instead. This can be really disheartening!  Standard bottle-nipples easily cause Nipple-Confusion Lamentably standard / generic bottle-nipples...

A Working Mom and Dad need a working baby bottle

Finding the right bottle is not always easy but if parents know what to look for it goes a far way. Don’t wait until you have tried every bottle before trying Minbie. You can make your last bottle be your first bottle.

5 Things Moms-To-Be Can Do To Support Their Mental Health While Pregnant

Call it the pregnancy paradox: Nine months of planning for your baby’s arrival somehow seems to be both infinite   and    so-not-enough time to get ready. As prepared as we set ourselves up to be –   diapers seemingly ordered by...