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Jumping into Mothers Group, whether online or in person, can be an invaluable experience when you have a newborn baby. Spending time with other parents who have babies a similar age to yours gives you the opportunity to listen to others' experiences, seek advice about any issues you’re facing, or simply have the time to chat about how you’re finding parenthood. Mother’s groups are also a melting pot of product testers and us mum’s love to tell everyone about the products we love just as much as the ones we don’t! 



“I was listening to people who were struggling with bottle refusal and just looking at all the different brands they had tried and that their baby was refusing, and the Minbie kept coming up as a bottle that had worked for people.” - Kate

New mum Kate turned to her mothers group when 6 week old Adeline was refusing bottles. Kate had kindly been gifted a couple of shopping bags full of bottles to try but sadly had no luck convincing Adeline to feed from anything other than the breast. That was until she heard other mothers talking about their success with Minbie. Kate knew she had to give bottle feeding one last chance, so she ordered her Minbie bottles.

“After all of the other brands failed we ordered the Minbie, and she took it the first time. It’s the bottle we’ve had the most success with so far. I was just really grateful she would happily take a bottle” Kate

The Minbie Difference

Kate immediately noticed the shape of the Minbie nipple was nothing like the many bottles she had previously tried. This unique shape has been designed to encourage your little one to feed using the very same skills and technique they were born with that they use on the breast. Using these instinctive skills helps avoid confusion, colic, reflux, lazy feeding and refusal whilst also helping to aid bubs digestion. If you’re offering your baby a nipple that sits in their mouth as your nipple does and allows them to draw the milk out just as they do when breastfeeding, it makes sense that they’ll be happier to feed.

It was important to me that we wouldn't have a situation where she started to refuse me” Kate

Bottle Refusal 

Minbie was developed to help mums just like Kate make switching between breast and bottle seamless and stress free. It does this by encouraging those inbuilt, instinctive feeding techniques. Having the Minbie on hand meant Kate's husband was able to introduce a bottle feed to Adeline without Kate having to wave goodbye to breastfeeding. Dad loves to be involved and really treasures the time he now has feeding Adeline, and with the Minbie he knows he’s fully supporting Kate’s feeding journey, allowing bub to feed just as she does on the breast therefore protecting their precious breastfeeding bond. The protection and peace of mind that Minbie offers to families like this is priceless. 

“Feeling like she might reject the breast if she took to the bottle too much, was my biggest fear. But I think the best thing about it has been that my husband just loves feeding her. He loves doing it, it’s really nice to see them bonding” - Kate

If you’re looking for a bottle that will work alongside your breastfeeding routine, then you should try Minbie. Offering Minbie as the first (and only) bottle your baby tries, will make acceptance much easier as it allows them to work for their feed just as they have been doing on the breast.  Utilising this already expert technique will save you the expense and frustration of trying other bottle brands that don’t offer this unique experience. However, if like Kate, you’ve already been through a myriad of options and nothing is working, don’t worry. Many parents switch to Minbie after trying a range of other brands and still find their baby latches and feeds well. Successful combination feeding with Minbie frees you up to head back to work, have a nap, hand over to dad and, of course, let Grandma have a few snuggles at feed time.

Offer Minbie as the first and only bottle for your baby and you can avoid the upset of bottle refusal.

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