How I finally got my Baby to take the Bottle! A Moms story.

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“I have been using the Minbie bottle for about a month now. It is literally the only bottle that I will use for Grant. He takes to it really well. I especially love the nipple and how it imitates the breastfeeding action and latch. I've had no issues going from breast to bottle and back!

“The nipple flow rate I'm currently using is the preemie Minbie, which is the extra slow. That way I can pace how much milk he is taking in, allowing him to work at the feed developing his strength. I also love that my husband has been able to bond and get involved with feeding time as you can see below.

"He takes to Minbie very well and it allows me to go from bottle-feeding to breastfeeding without having any cracked nipples or any pain, because he latches onto my nipple the same way he latches onto this bottle.

I suggest everyone gets some. 

Woohoo 🙌  this is such a great ending to a beautiful story. Shared by a mom Tequila.

Breastfeeding is a very special mother-baby relationship that cannot be duplicated. We get that loud and clear and that is why Minbie doesn't try to mess with that. We understand that a bottle is a practical option for feeding a baby when the need arises. What we do not understand and will never accept is why the bottle should start to compete with breastfeeding. Nope, we will never accept that. The bottle should complement the feeding journey. It should fit in and give the support needed without jeopardizing the breastfeeding relationship. That is what Minbie does.

Minbie does the following:

Excellent for transitioning from breast to bottle and back 

Pace feeding like similar to the flow of breastfeeding

Prevents cracked nipples because babies latch properly and naturally

Minbie is here for you. It is the best bottle for breastfeeding mums who want to combi feed worry-free. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about your feeding journey. Pop on over to our shop page to find the right flow rate for your baby. 

Here's Tequila talking more about her feeding journey❤️

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