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We get sent an abundance of wonderful reviews and testimonials at Minbie HQ. Mums, dads and even grandparents get in touch to tell us how Minbie has helped their families establish great routines and overcome feeding issues, all whilst retaining that incredible breastfeeding bond. We would love to be able to share every Minbie story with you (trust us, there are some heart-warming tales) but it simply wouldn’t be possible. Every so often however, we open our inbox to a story that really deserves to be told. When Jasmine from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania got in touch to tell us her Minbie story, we were so incredibly moved we wanted you to read it for yourselves, so here it is. 

Jasmine's Story

Our 4th baby girl was a quick, easy delivery just like her older sisters. She latched right away in the birth center and was an expert breast feeder for all we could see.

Fast forward 3 months and we wound up as an inpatient at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for failure to thrive and malnutrition. Our baby wasn’t gaining weight on track, in fact she was barely gaining weight at all. I was at a loss. I exclusively breast fed all 3 of my babies prior without the slightest issue.

Once I knew this little girl was having trouble, I scoured the stores for "breast like" bottles and nipples to feed her my pumped milk and closely monitor her intake.


Our tiny girl right before admittance

After trying 5+ different kinds of bottles & teats I gave up.

My baby would barely latch onto them and the second she did she was gagging from the flow. It was determined at the hospital our baby’s top and bottom lip and jaw were slightly misaligned causing her to be a relatively ineffective breast feeder and seemingly impossible bottle feeder. At the hospital, our speech pathologist ordered 3 additional ‘specialty’ bottles and nipples specifically for her diagnosis, to no avail.

The doctors only viable solution then was a feeding a tube.

I was devastated, then I became determined to figure out another solution. After hours of searching and reading reviews, it was close to 3 AM when I came across Minbie. Whilst I had low expectations for yet another company claiming to be "just like breast feeding" I was desperate, so placed an order for the newborn nipples. At the hospital, thanks to an earlier suggestion from my lactation consultant, I was able to get our baby to latch and drink from the breast and a supplemental nursing system filled with pumped milk. I was thrilled to have success but was equally exhausted from the 2 hourly pumping and complicated feeding regimen. My nipples were dry, sore, cracked, and split like I had never experienced before. And on top of that I NEVER got a break from feeding. After our discharge from hospital my other kiddos were feeling the weight of the priority to feed our baby around the clock.

Finally, the Minbie nipples arrived.

I attached one of the Minbie nipples to the top of the MAM bottles I always used with my older girls and it was a perfect fit. I was shocked by the texture and shape of the teat. I had never seen or felt anything so similar to my own nipples.

It was time to test them out and with tears streaming down my face I watched her latch and finish a 4oz bottle like it was nothing. No gagging, no crying, no flailing. I continued to use the nipples in our feeding routine, and they proved extremely helpful in other ways as well!

Not only did they allow my nipples a rest, they also greatly improved her latch and strengthened her mouth muscles making her an even better breast feeder. The supplemental nursing system was no longer necessary for her to transfer the correct amount of milk at each feeding.

Is your baby struggling to thrive? Let Minbie help!

 Now our little girl is 5 months old and easily transitions from the Minbie to the breast and I will NEVER purchase or recommend another bottle or nipple again. Minbie, as a company, truly discovered what breast-feeding mothers need in a bottle & a nipple. THANK YOU!!!!!

 2 weeks after catching up to her goal weight.

Is your baby is having problems feeding, struggling to latch, or perhaps not thriving? Head to our website where you can chat to one of our consultants who will point you in the right direction to the perfect breastfeeding solution for your family.

If you are concerned about your baby, talk to your GP.

 We would love to hear from you if you have a Minbie success story that you'd like to share. Get in touch today!


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