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Are you worried nipple confusion has taken away or is putting at risk your ability to breastfeed your baby? When introducing a bottle, for whatever reason, your life should get easier, not harder, and your breastfeeding journey shouldn’t be hindered in any way! Sadly many moms are being robbed of their ability to breastfeed as soon as they begin bottle feeding with a standard baby bottle. We’re committed to fighting for all moms to have the freedom to breast & bottle feed with success, so we developed Minbie for the times when you need a safe and risk free alternative to breastfeeding.

New mom Tiffany discovered the pain of struggling to breastfeed when her beautiful baby girl Elena started preferring the bottle and shares her story here.

“When Elena was about 6 weeks old she decided that she didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. We always kind of struggle with it because since she left the hospital she was bottle-fed. We cycled through different bottles that claim to be breastfeeding friendly, but Elena still preferred the bottle over everything else.” - Tiffany 

You don't need to simply accept nipple confusion!

Sadly, nipple confusion is incredibly common, but this shouldn’t mean it's accepted as the norm or be the reason you give up on your dream to breastfeed. Tiffany and Elena, just like all moms and babies, deserve the right to continue their breastfeeding journey despite needing to introduce a bottle. No mom should have to reconsider or abandon breastfeeding entirely because a bottle has caused so much harm to their bond! Thankfully, Tiffany didn’t throw in the towel. Instead, her search for a solution led her to Minbie! Our award-winning design so closely replicates the breast, that nipple confusion, lazy feeding, colic & reflux are all avoided hence Tiffany’s breastfeeding journey, like many others, has been turned around. 

“Ever since we started using the Minbie bottles Elena is completely fine with breastfeeding, she doesn't cry anymore, she even prefers it I think. There's no nipple confusion. Minbie bottles have really saved our breastfeeding journey.” -Tiffany

Don't give up Mom!

Nipple confusion can be really disheartening and cause moms so much anxiety especially in those very early days. However, if you're struggling with nipple confusion, all is not lost. You’re mom, you’re the boss and you’re the only person who gets to decide when to discontinue breastfeeding. Tiffany didn't give in to nipple confusion and continued to offer her daughter the breast in the hope she would find a solution, and she did.

Minbie’s unique technology has allowed her to continue breastfeeding right up to the finish line. Baby Elena once again began using the instinctive breastfeeding technique mother nature gifted her to feed successfully from mom and the Minbie bottle. No reflux, no gas, simply an enhanced latch for a more fulfilling feeding experience. 

“There is no nipple confusion between the Minbie bottle and breastfeeding. Elena can go back and forth. I can feed her & her dad can feed her. So, they really saved our breastfeeding journey. It was to a point where I was like ‘oh my god I am not going to be able to breastfeed my baby anymore.’ Using Minbie bottles has been amazing." - Tiffany

A bottle that works with breastfeeding

From the very first moments of life, Minbie works with your baby’s natural feeding technique, allowing bub to feed just as they would on your breast. This is what makes our award-winning nipples help moms like Tiffany overcome nipple confusion and return to a seamless breast to bottle feeding routine. Whatever your reason for offering a bottle to your baby, you can rest assured that the Minbie nipple will allow your little one to practice their natural latching technique and return to your breast just as well as before, if not better! No other bottle gives you this peace of mind! Minbie can help you be the mom you want to be and allows you to feed your baby exactly the way you want to. 

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