prevent bottle & breast refusal


our aussie designed bottle teat preserves your baby's innate breastfeeding instinct, enabling you to introduce a bottle without compromising your breastfeeding bond.

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protect your breastfeeding journey

  • - smart contours train baby to latch perfectly to the breast
  • - protects your breastfeeding bond from nipple confusion
  • - anti-colic vent floats air away from your baby's stomach
revolutionary nipple design
revolutionary nipple design
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Nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch


Trains breastfeeding muscle-memory


Strengthens breastfeeding coordination


prevents nipple confusion


Prevents lazy feeding


Replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion


Supports good digestion


Anti reflux & colic


Gentle on palate & gums


Prevent Bottle Refusal

“Join over 350,000 parents who trust Minbie's nipple technology to nurture their babies breastfeeding development.”

Prevent Bottle Refusal

Keep Baby Healthy

“Our sterilizer & dryer eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and saves you a bunch of time.”

Keep Baby Healthy

no more bottle refusal

“Minbie's bottle nipple was developed to help moms make switching between breast and bottle seamless and stress free.”


no more bottle refusal

complete feeding system

express breastmilk in comfort, protect your babies breastfeeding ability & keep your baby healthy with our breast pump, bottles & steriliser. save $200 & free shipping.

Why you need the Complete Package

1. the freedom to pump & store

portable, comfortable pumping that mimics the breastfeeding experience gives you the freedom to pump on the go and hand over whilst protecting your breastfeeding relationship.

2. avoid nipple confusion

our award winning nipple encourages your baby to practice a proper latch and work for each feed using their instinctive breastfeeding technique, protecting your bond.

4. ‘me time’ for mom

secure the quiet moments you need and the relaxation you deserve whilst others safely feed your baby without risk to your breastfeeding bond.

3. keep your baby healthy

time saving sterilization protects your whole family from harmful bacteria and viruses at the press of a button.

Why you need the Complete Package

1. the freedom to pump & store+
2. avoid nipple confusion+
3. keep your baby healthy+
4. ‘me time’ for mum+

made by mom(s)


we are here to empower parents during their feeding journey by providing products that nurture and protect that instinctive, special bond.

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the safest bottle

Premium PPSU

a higher heat resistance than regular bottles makes new PPSU the safest, most durable bottle you’ll find. our hypoallergenic nipples are made of premium-quality soft silicone. australian designed & owned.



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