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Overwhelmed? Elated? Exhausted? Overjoyed? Bewildered? We hear you Mama! In the lead up to your big return to work, you will be experiencing all kinds of emotions! It’s only natural that you're feeling apprehensive about leaving your precious baby at Daycare, but throw in a little bottle refusal and your anxiety is taken to a whole new level! 

Bottle refusal is a relatively common occurrence so you’re not alone. Surprisingly, it doesn’t just happen with breastfed babies. Bottle refusal occurs in all sorts of feeding scenarios. It’s common when babies are transitioning from breast to bottle, however, it can also rear its head for babies who have always been bottle-fed.

Minbie mum Catherine, faced this exact dilemma when returning to work after the birth of her 2nd baby. Having tried “every possible bottle you can think of” her family took a chance on Minbie.

Minbie bottles and nipples don’t just give mums like Catherine the opportunity to have a break and hand over to someone else for a while, they give mums peace of mind knowing that when they’re back in the office and unable to breastfeed,  their baby is well nourished at daycare and will seamlessly return to the breast when they are reunited. 

Going to daycare is a huge step for mother & baby, however Minbie is here to make this new chapter in your lives as smooth as possible.   

Works great! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My little one took to the bottle with the Minbie right away. These nipples made it possible to transition him to daycare. Love that he still has to latch and work for his feed. - Jennifer.T.


How can I prepare my breast fed baby for Daycare?

You’ve chosen the daycare and now it’s time to really make sure your little one is ready to go. Some simple steps can make all the difference on those crazy mornings so it’s important you plan ahead. 

Introducing your baby to their new carer, showing them where they will spend their days, and making sure they are comfortable with leaving you for a few hours are all important things to consider before the big day.  Even the most organized among us run late some mornings, so if your baby is used to being left with grandparents and other friends and relatives, he may be easier to drop off in the mornings.

Playing with other babies and children is also a great way to get your baby ready for daycare. Socializing is so important for development and babies just love being around other babies because it helps them navigate new environments, play with new exciting toys and even learn new social cues.

The miracle! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Purchased the 6month + kit after weeks of tears and anxiety trying to get my 7 month old to transition from breast to bottle ready for daycare. We tried about 4 other bottles before ordering Minbie and within a week he’s taking a full bottle!!! The relief! I could have (almost did) cry! Definitely worth the hype, just wish I had ordered sooner. Thank you Minbie!!!! - Alexandra. B. 

What if my baby is exclusively breast fed? 

If you've been exclusively breastfeeding your baby, and you want her to drink expressed breastmilk or formula while you're at work, you'll need to introduce a bottle well before she starts daycare so that you can be sure it’s working for your family. The Minbie nipple has been carefully developed to reduce any confusion when switching from breast to bottle and back to the breast so it's the ideal option when it comes to giving your breastfed baby a bottle. 

The best bottle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I have been trying bottle after bottle for 6 months! I was beyond stressed and not sure what to do since my son would be going to daycare. I found the Minbie bottle and it is the first one he willingly took. This bottle is a lifesaver!! Katie

Bottle Refusal

Of course in an ideal world we’d not have to offer our breastfed babies a bottle, however, with mums returning to work, babies demanding more milk than mum can physically produce, and all the other hurdles along the breastfeeding journey, sometimes, needs must!  

Minbie nipples are the closest thing to the natural breast and therefore the only nipple your family should be using to protect your breastfeeding journey. Not only will Minbie help your baby transition to daycare successfully, they will also help avoid colic, spitting up and excess gas. 

For those of you who are exhausted at the sheer thought of a return to work, rest assured that when you choose Minbie, you will be able to lock in more downtime and enjoy some uninterrupted sleep whilst Dad lends a helping hand. 

Daycare Survivor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
With my little one starting daycare I was so worried about him taking a bottle. I tried four other brands with no luck. My little one took to this bottle straight away. I was so relieved when on his first day of care the educator said he drank all of his bottle and that I needed to provide more milk. So thankful Minbie worked for my breastfed baby. Rebecca. M.
Minbie offers breastfeeding families peace of mind and incredible support for starting daycare. These intelligently designed bottles and nipples create more bonding opportunities and make the dread of daycare disappear. 

Preparing for daycare
  • Purchase your Minbie bottles and sterilizer well in advance to ensure a smooth transition from breast to bottle.
  • Leave your baby with grandparents or other family members for short intervals to get them used to you leaving and more importantly, understanding you’ll be returning for them. 
  • Introduce your little one to the person who will be looking after them whilst you’re at work, and make sure their carer has all the information about your feeding & sleeping routines and anything else they may need to know about your baby.
  • Show your baby where they will be staying whilst they are not with you. Take them a few times so they can get used to their new surroundings.
  • Give your little one a comfort item from home. A blanket or soft toy.
  • Prepare your baby’s bag with everything they will need for their time at Daycare. Pump beforehand and fill enough bottles to feed them for the entire time they will be at daycare. If your baby takes formula, make sure that’s in the bag! 

Good luck! 

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