5 ways Minbie can help with breastmilk oversupply

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When it comes to feeding our babies, all we want is to be able to produce enough milk to enable our little one to thrive. Whilst some moms find they have a reduced milk supply, there are others who find they produce far more than their baby needs. This is known as oversupply and can be incredibly challenging for mom and baby. Painful breasts and uncomfortable feeding are just two of the hurdles mothers with an oversupply face, so it’s incredibly important to find a way to utilize that incredible breastmilk in a way that’s comfortable for both you and your little one.

New mom Genevieve struggled with oversupply when she had her second child Oliver. Watch her story:

How to recognize oversupply

Recognizing oversupply can be easy when you’re churning through the nursing pads, leaking through your clothes, your baby chokes on the incredibly fast let down and suffers with excess gas & tummy pain. However, for some mothers there are a few anxious weeks where their breasts are painful, baby is refusing the breast or fussing when trying to feed despite eliminating all the obvious causes. Here are a few signs that may suggest you have oversupply.

If you have oversupply your baby may:

  • choke and spit up when feeding from the breast
  • fuss, cry, struggle in your arms or seem to pull away from the breast. (It can seem like a battle.) 
  • gain weight rapidly from taking in large amounts of milk or they may instead have a slower-than-average weight gain because they're struggling to feed effectively.
  • feed fast and pull away from you.
  • struggle to maintain a proper latch during feeds and sometimes will come off the breast as soon as letdown happens.
  • suffer with reflux, gas, colic and tummy ache. 
  • become hungry soon after a feed.
  • never fall asleep at the breast.

“Minbie made all the difference! We don’t have to do 15 loads of laundry, we all have clothes, he doesn’t choke or gag in the middle of the night scaring the living daylights out of me! It also gave my husband a chance to participate in feeding, and my son, who loves to feed his baby brother” 

Oversupply may lead you to experience:

  • breasts that always feel full or uncomfortably engorged.
  • considerable amounts of milk leaking from your breasts, leading to multiple changes of nursing pads & clothing.
  • recurrent blocked ducts or mastitis.
  • milk spraying out of the breasts at letdown.
  • nipple pain and misshapen nipple after baby has fed.

“I produce way too much and it comes out way too fast! It’s scary. We went through 20 plus bottles before finding Minbie. We’re so glad that we found Minbie because our baby is now happy and fed”- Genevieve

5 ways Minbie can help with oversupply

Our award winning baby bottles have been meticulously designed to replicate the breast. For mothers like Genevieve who are struggling with oversupply, our bottles give them the opportunity to continue to feed their baby breast milk without any risk to their feeding journey. Here are the ways Minbie can help you with oversupply. 

  1. Correct flow- Offering your little one a bottle with a correct flow nipple will allow them to feed more effectively at a pace that’s right for them. No more choking! Minbie nipples support good digestion and help your little one avoid colic & reflux. Slow-flow nipples honor your baby’s developing feeding rhythm and protect that instinctive breastfeeding muscle memory therefore won’t negatively impact your breastfeeding.
  2. Better latch - Encouraging a good latching technique will aid digestion and avoid your little one becoming a lazy feeder. Our nipples allow you to switch between breast and bottle without the risk of nipple confusion. When feeding from the Minbie, your baby will be practicing a proper anti-mastitis breastfeeding latch making them a more efficient (and happy) feeder.
  3. Breast break - Expressing and using the right bottle to supplement breastfeeding will enable you to feed your baby precious breast milk without the pain and discomfort that comes with engorged breasts and fast letdowns. Minbie will give you time to gently express whilst bub happily takes a bottle. 
  4. Full baby - No more messing around on the breast, no more fast and furious feeds. Expressing and offering bub a bottle gives you the freedom to relax in the knowledge they have fed well at a pace that suits their development from a nipple that won't cause any harm. (This will more than likely lead to better sleep too!) 
  5. No stress - Having everything on hand to successfully breast and bottle feed will relieve you of the stress that can come from oversupply. Choosing Minbie will allow you to prepare well, feed well and continue to breastfeed as and when you want to with no risk of rejection or confusion. Minbie gives everyone in the family the opportunity to share in the bonding experience. 

“Minbie changed everything for the better. I wish I had found Minbie first, because I’ve wasted a lot of money trying other brands!” - Genevieve

Just as mom Genevieve found, Minbie is the only bottle to truly replicate the breast, and therefore the very best choice when it comes to supporting your breastfeeding journey and working around oversupply. We want you to be able to continue feeding your little one for as long as possible, and by gently helping you through the struggles that come with oversupply, we know Minbie will get you to a place of calm and comfort in your routine. 


If you have any questions about oversupply and how our correct flow nipples can help, get in touch with one of our 24/7 customer support team!

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