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what is your shipping policy?

Fast Free shipping on orders over $39.90 📬

shipping options and prices vary depending on the delivery address. our shipping provider provides dynamic pricing to your door. to confirm the shipping cost for your order, add your items to cart and then enter your shipping address in the checkout. shipping price and options will be displayed on the checkout page for you.

orders that are placed before 2:00 pm, (UTC-06:00) on a business day (monday to friday) are shipped out the same day. most orders will arrive within 2-3 business days📮

(please note that delivery time can sometimes be affected by adverse weather conditions. unfortunately, minbie cannot guarantee delivery within the normal time frame under these circumstances. the shipping charges on these orders will not be refunded)

tracking updates will be sent to your email address. you are encouraged to contact the postal company directly with your tracking info if you have any questions about location or redelivery once your order has been shipped.

Where do you ship to?

Express shipping across the US with USPS

Where is Minbie's HQ in the US?

1001 Premier Pkwy, Saint Peters, MO

What if I'm ordering outside of the US?

currently, we only ship within the US on our US store. for other countries visit https://minbie.com/

it says it's out of stock?

if the items you currently want are out of stock, please be assured that new stock is on its way and will soon be available.


what is the returns policy?

for hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns of minbie nipples, bottles, soothers, breast pumps, sterilizers or any accessories once they have been opened.  any used products cannot be returned. if you have an issue with a product or believe it to be faulty, please contact our customer service team at info@minbie.com.au

unused & unopened products can be returned within 30 days of receiving the order. to start the returns process an email must be sent to info@minbie.com.au. if your return is not a result of a minbie error, original shipping fees will not be refunded. we will provide you with a return shipping address and you pay for the return postage using the carrier of your choice.

all minbie products are factory sealed over the openings of the box. if these seals are broken, the item cannot be returned. please send photos of the outer box or shrink-wrapped pack, showing the box sealed over the opening on the top and the bottom. when photos that clearly show the packaging intact are received, the return will be approved. you’re required to send the order back to us within the 30 day return time. all returns go through a returns-check process that can take approximately two weeks to be completed.

how do i get replacement faulty, damaged or missing products?

for any faulty, damaged or missing minbie product, please contact info@minbie.com.au within 14 days of receiving your purchase to discuss the problem.

the product will be replaced providing it’s deemed not to have been tampered with or damaged through incorrect use.

replacing faulty damaged or missing minbie products

the product will be replaced providing it is deemed not to have been tampered with or damaged through incorrect use. every care has been taken with manufacturing in addition to doing multiple checks of each minbie nipple to ensure the highest quality of the product; and that they comply with the EU safety requirements. the Industrial Designers of the minbie nipple have many years of experience in the infant feeding area. for any faulty, damaged or missing nipples, or other minbie products, please contact info@minbie.com within 14 days of receiving your purchase to discuss the problem.

how do I cancel or make changes to my order?

we process orders as soon as they come in thus the cancellation window is very narrow. if you wish to make changes or cancel an order please contact us immediately upon placing the order. once an order has been processed/shipped no changes can be made to the order. the order can be returned upon receipt of it. please follow the procedures listed under returns policy to make a return.

when will i get my order confirmation?

an order confirmation email is sent after each order. the email is sent to the one used when placing the order. if you cannot find this email please check your junk/trash folder. if you are still not finding it contact our customer service team for assistance.

do you send free samples?

due to the demand for our current stock, we are unable to offer samples.

product support


what are the benefits of Minbie?

minbie's unique functionality provides practice for babies to latch properly onto the breast, this is exceptionally supportive of the mother-baby breastfeeding bond and is anti-mastitis. You can read more about this here.

minbie's functionality also supports the immature digestive system of babies, and is anti-colic and anti-reflux. 

you can rest assured that babies feeding from minbie are feeding from a premium-quality soft, flexible silicone material that contains no nasties.

when can i introduce minbie to my baby?

minbie can be introduced at any baby age.

to help you protect their natural and best breastfeeding technique, we recommend using minbie as the first bottle for postnatals.

breastfeed if possible for the first 6 months+

minbie's familiar breastfeeding-latch & motion has helped a lot of exclusively breastfed babies to accept a bottle, and this has been a lifesaver for breastfeeding mothers who need a break, more sleep or need to go back to work. 

for weaning, minbie has helped many older breastfed babies to accept a bottle and begin feeding independently. our award-winning bottle is ergonomically designed to be easier for them to hold.

What is the main benefit of using the Minbie bottle system?

minbie's unique functionality provides practice for babies to latch properly onto the breast, this is exceptionally supportive of the mother-baby breastfeeding bond and is anti-mastitis. You can read more about this here.

minbie's functionality also supports the immature digestive system of babies, and is anti-colic and anti-reflux. 

you can rest assured that babies feeding from minbie are feeding from a premium-quality soft, flexible silicone material that contains no nasties.

My baby refuses all bottles. How is Minbie different?

bottle refusal is very common and minbie has helped thousands of families who’ve struggled to introduce a bottle. this success is down to the shape of the minbie nipple which feels familiar to exclusively breastfed babies. minbie is a new technology, babies who feed from the minbie are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory. they’re practicing to latch properly onto the breast and to work for the feed with their complex and instinctive (and incredibly special) breastfeeding technique. this technique is what evolution provided for our babies, for their very survival, and is the best for protecting the longevity of the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship! Here is a great article on overcoming bottle refusal with minbie.

How is Minbie better for breastfeeding than generic nipples?

finding the right bottle & nipple to support your breastfeeding journey is critical, not only to ensure that there is no confusion when switching between breast and bottle but also to avoid issues such as lazy feeding and weak latching. using minbie as the first and only nipple when bottle-feeding will help you to protect your baby's precious, natural, instinctive breastfeeding latch & motion. generic nipples don't train babies to breastfeed with a proper latch and can quickly harm a baby's ability to breastfeed, resulting in the bottle taking-over. (Read more on this here) nabies who latch and feed from the minbie are practicing to return to the breast with a perfect breastfeeding latch and with the feeding motion that best supports their mother's milk-supply. minbie is unique and offers exceptional support for the mother-baby breastfeeding bond. no other nipple looks or functions like the minbie.

How does Minbie help babies who can't be breastfed?

minbie provides a high-quality feeding experience that nurtures your baby’s natural feeding stage. when your baby feeds from the minbie they’re practicing the best feeding technique for their digestive system and for their natural suckling and jaw-complex development.

is minbie sold in stores?

to provide you with the very best customer support and interaction minbie is sold directly on our website.

the minbie nipple

everything you need to know

Minbie nipple flow sizes

minbie nipple flow sizes start from the newborn stage up to the advance:

- XS extra slow (0+) is the slowest flow. this nipple is suitable for newborns and preemies.

- the 1+ slow flow is the second nipple size. this size is used when the XS gets to be too slow.

- the 3P, which means pace flow is used after the 1+ and is the flow between the medium and slow flows. it can be used from 2 months onwards or before depending on the baby's needs.

- the 3+ medium flow is follows the 3P. this flow is generally used up to 6 months or longer based on the baby.

- the 6 months range follows with the 6P and 6+ fast.

- the 9+ which is advanced flow is the last flow in the minbie line.

What is the Minbie nipple made of?

all minbie nipples are made from premium-quality soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone sourced from germany. the Industrial Designers of the minbie nipple have many years of experience in the infant feeding area and every care is taken during manufacturing to ensure the highest quality of the product. the nipples comply with AU, European, US and Canadian safety requirements

Can Minbie help with colic and reflux?

yes, minbie can help. a key reason for infant reflux and colic is the underdeveloped digestive system. therefore, the way a baby draws the milk and swallows is very important. minbie’s revolutionary anti-reflux and anti-colic nipple offers superior support of the ability of babies to digest the milk and direct latch breastfeed for the comfort and sustainability of breastfeeding.You can read more about colic here and reflux here

which way up does minbie go?

the flatter side of the nipple goes against your baby's upper gums and the roof of their mouth. you will notice the air-valve will be facing upwards.  please follow the instructions that come with all packs to help you use the minbie correctly. contact info@minbie.com.au or jump online to chat to one of our 24/7 customer service team if you have any questions.

How do I choose the right flow for my baby?

the minbie nipples are carefully calibrated for specific age groups (please see above). we recommend the minbie feeding kits as they have more than one flow size which gives you more options as your baby grows. our feeding kits give you a choice of two nipple sizes in your baby’s age-group to assist you with finding what’s best for your little one.

What are my baby’s feeding cues?

by describing what’s happening when your baby feeds, you can get a good  indication of whether they need to move up or down a flow size. these subtle signs are known as ‘feeding cues’.  does your baby feed fast and strong? do they like to take time over a feed, pausing a few times throughout? perhaps your baby is straining to get the milk out of the teat fast enough or it’s coming out so easily that it is flooding your baby's mouth. is your baby happy feeding from the nipple or are they fussing and seeming frustrated? these are all feeding cues and will give you an idea of how bub’s travelling with the teat you are currently using. you can chat to one of our 24/7 customer service team who will be happy to help you discover the right flow for your baby.

How can I encourage my baby to take a bottle?

-offering the minbie when your baby is relaxed and hungry, such as straight after a sleep can make the transition easier. 

-at the start of the feed, hold your baby more upright and the bottle at a horizontal angle where it doesn't drip milk.

-to help avoid gagging, offer the bottle by first touching the top lip and upper gums to encourage baby's mouth to open wide to accept the teat. wait for your baby to latch on and accept the nipple.

-when your baby accepts the nipple, the upper surface of the nipple should be against the upper gums and roof of their mouth / palate.

-avoid putting the nipple too far into the mouth or placing it on the tongue as both can cause gagging.

check that your baby is properly latched on.

please note: it’s important that your baby nurses the nipple in the palate area (just like your nipple should be nursed when breastfeeding) and with a wider latch around the lips. if bub has latched incorrectly with the nipple just behind the front gums and the lips not wide, then stop the feed and offer the bottle again.

what is pace feeding?

pace feeding encourages babies to feed more slowly. minbie nipples are all designed to pace feed. when babies latch and feed from minbie they work to get the milk, and as they do so, they’re pacing and controlling the feed rate. 

What size bottles does the Minbie nipple fit?

the minbie nipple is compatible with a number of standard wide-neck baby bottles (49.5mm - 50.5mm outer neck diameter), however, we always advise that the best feeding outcomes are seen when both the bottle & nipple are being used together.


Get the most out of your Minbie products

How do I clean the nipples?

To clean Minbie teats it’s important you carefully wash them in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, then sterilise and allow to air-dry.

- o not clean in the dishwasher. If using a dedicated sterilisation unit, microwave bags or sterilising liquid follow the instructions carefully.

- check that the nipple and ventilation openings are clear. these are delicate so clean with care so as not to damage them.  

- do not leave nipples soaking as they may become cloudy or weakened. 

- do not use a bottle brush to clean the teat.

how do i prevent leaks?

the minbie nipple is made of premium-quality soft flexible silicone, so it’s important to follow the instructions to ensure you get the best use of the product, longevity and also understand how to prevent leaks. when assembling the bottle, first attach the nipple to the collar, making sure it’s sealed against the inside rim of the collar; then attach the collar firmly to the bottle. hold the bottle horizontally when offering it to your baby so that it doesn’t drip milk before bub latches and begins feeding.

how often should i replace the minbie nipples

minbie nipples last very well when the instructions for cleaning and use are adhered to. generally it is recommended to replace nipples every 2-3 months or at the first signs of wear and tear. In the event of any damage please dispose of the nipple immediately and replace it.


your questions answered

What is the warranty on the Breast Pump?

there is a 1 year warranty on the breast pump from the date of purchase.  the expression parts are not under warranty and should be replaced as needed. the soft silicone shield and diaphragm should be replaced every 3 months or at the first sign of weakening.

What are the different stimulation and expression modes?

- stimulation mode has 8 adjustable vacuum levels

- expression mode has 10 adjustable vacuum levels

- expression mode has 5 adjustable frequency levels

What does ‘Hospital Grade’ mean?

the minbie breast pump is hospital-grade which speaks of its power, efficiency and durability. it has multiple stimulation and expression levels to choose from, all safe and designed with your comfort in mind. the advanced pumping features and silicone shields on the breast, allow powerful yet comfortable pumping.

How do I clean my Breast Pump parts?

use warm soapy water for the parts that come into contact with the milk (not the white cap, not the tubes, not the pump).  rinse thoroughly, then sterilize and dry. 

all parts must be completely dry before assembling the pump.

- do not use any implements or cloths when washing the breast pump parts, as they may tear the delicate silicone parts.

- if there is a build-up of scale, wash the parts in a mixture of white vinegar and water.

What are the dimensions of the Breast Pump?

depth: 15mm / 6"  

width: 16mm / 6.2"  

height (including the handle): 22mm / 8.6"

What is the Breast Pump power level?

Input 100-240V - 50/60Hz   

Output 15V 1.6A /11.1v

how does the light work?

the pump can be used with or without the backlight. there are 3 modes to operate the light:

1. the light can be turned off

2. the first touch turns on the dimmer light

3. the second touch turns on the brighter light

Double or single pumping? How do I get the best suction strength?

-when you're single pumping, the opening for the double pump should be plugged. if it’s not plugged the suction strength is reduced.

-when the pump is used as a double pump the suction strength is not as strong as when single pumping but is still strong enough to pump well.

-the maximum pump time is 30 minutes. the pump will automatically stop after 30 minutes of pumping. the pump can be turned back on but it's not recommended to pump for longer than 30 minutes in one session.

How do I know which settings on the pump are right for me?

a little bit of experimentation helps as you get used to pumping, your milk supply at different times of the day and what feels truly comfortable for you.

the best levels for expressing your milk and how the pump works:

- when the frequency is on a high setting, put the suction on a middle or lower setting

- when the suction is on a high setting, put the frequency on a middle or lower 

- for expression mode, always start with both the frequency and the suction strength low, then build slowly.  

N.B. if there is any soreness when pumping, the settings should be reduced. if there is pinching, use some breast milk or a nipple cream on the nipple and areola so that the breast does not stick to the silicone.

Can this pump help to increase my milk supply?

expressing can help stimulate the breasts to increase milk-supply, although milk supply does tend to vary for every mother. as you know, the key to producing breast milk is good nutrition and staying sufficiently hydrated (so make sure you drink lots of water). this, combined with consistent breastfeeding and/or expressing will help. 

it’s important you prepare your body for pumping. it’s similar to when feeding your baby, the supply is generally built up around the times when your baby normally feeds. sufficient time is needed for your milk supply to build back up after a feed.

to help build supply, after expressing, go back into stimulation mode for 2-3 minutes to help give the message that more milk is needed.

for more on pumping read this helpful article and if you’re trying to build your milk supply read this.

how often should i pump

the frequency of pumping depends on your needs and how much you want in storage or to hand. frequency also depends on why you are pumping. some mums pump to build up storage while others want to increase production or to simply let dad feed bub. here is a guide we have on pumping that may help with your decision. 

a lactation consultant is a good source for assistance with pumping and milk production.

Do you have a flange and shield size guide?

please note when feeding and expressing, the nipple size may increase.  

- your nipple needs room to move in the nipple area of the shield so the size of the shield's nipple area should be bigger than your nipple diameter.

- always centre the nipple shield with your nipple in the middle where it’s able to move freely so your milk-ducts don't get blocked.

- the minbie pump comes with a 25mm (L) nipple which fits most mums.  we suggest you try this size first to see if the nipple moves back and forth in the funnel without sticking.  

- the areola should be mostly supported by the shield, but it's okay if some are drawn into the nipple area.  if it’s comfortable and the milk is expressing, it’s a good sign.

How do I measure my nipple?

measure the diameter of the nipple where it meets the areola.  don't include the areola.

there are 3 minbie shield sizes available from the website:

- 21mm (M) for nipple diameter size up to 17mm

- 25mm (L) for nipple diameter size up to 21mm

-2mm (XL) for nipple diameter size up to 25mm


how do i look after the tube connectors?

a) if the connector does not fit snugly, try the spare set that comes with the pump. 

b) the connector should not be sterilised

c) if the tubes are sterilised, you must ensure no water at all is left in the tubes when it’s connected to the pump.

N.B. the tube and connectors do not come in contact with the milk so don’t need to be sterilised. the tubes can be stored in a dust-free area in a container or bag to keep them clean.

my pump isn't working what should i do?

diaphragm —how it functions when pumping correctly:

the diaphragm goes up and down when pumping. this can be seen and heard.

when in expression mode the diaphragm may not function properly if both the suction and frequency strength are at the highest setting. if both are set on high it doesn’t allow time for the diaphragm to fall back in place (it will jam) and in this instance the suction will not be effective.

- the higher the suction is set the lower the frequency should be set and vice versa

- the frequency should be around 38.  this gives it time for the diaphragm to fall back into place.

- if the breast pump is properly assembled, the diaphragm should be heard and seen going up and down when pumping.


your questions answered

How long does the process take with this sterilizer?

it takes 5-6 minutes to sterilize and there are 3 drying functions for 30, 40, and 50 minutes. the handy timer counts down to the cycle completion. the unit has an auto power-off function for added safety. 50-60ml water in the heating plate works well for 5-6 minutes sterilisation. if 90ml or more is put in most times, there can be a build-up of condensation inside the motor which means there’s too much water to fully evaporate before the unit switches to drying mode. drying mode is best at 50 minutes unless the surrounding air is very dry.

What is the warranty on the sterilizer?

the minbie steam sterilizer & dryer comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

How do I descale the Sterilizer?

the best way to descale is to put 60ml white vinegar in the round stainless steel heating plate with 60ml water, then leave it until the scale is dissolved. once dissolved, pour liquid down the sink being careful not to let it get in the air-vent on the base. if there are any dark spots remaining they’re simply a cosmetic issue that will not affect the structural integrity, the lifetime or the ability of the product to sterilize effectively.

all surfaces and plastic parts of the sterilizer should be wiped down with a damp cloth at least every 2 days. the base unit must not be immersed in water. the barrel, the tray and the lid can be washed in soapy water, rinsed and dried carefully with a cloth.

How many bottles can the sterilizer hold?

the sterilizer holds six 9oz bottles plus accessories. the bottle height should be no higher than 16cm or 6.3” to fit. accessories can be added around the bottles if they fit loosely so the steam can circulate around them. the tray above the bottles holds the smaller items like collars and nipples and breast pump parts that need sterilizing (items should be no more than 60mm high)

How do I clean the HEPA filter?

the HEPA filter will very rarely need cleaning. if you need to clean the HEPA filter, open the screw on the filter cover, then slide the cover out. remove the HEPA filter and gently vacuum the dust off the grey side first, then check the other side and gently vacuum if needed. replace the filter and cover.

What are the dimensions of the steam sterilizer?

the height of the sterilizer is approximately 39cm / 15". 

the width is 27.5mm / 10.5".

the depth is 19.5mm / 7"

Does the sterilizer fit bottles from other brands?

yes it does as long as the bottle height is no more than 16cm or 6.3”.


if you have any questions regarding minbie products, please get in contact with info@minbie.com.au or chat to our customer care team so that they can assist you.

What payment methods are accepted?

Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple pay, Google pay, Venmo, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Shop pay & Klarna