Minbie Baby Bottles help new Mom Melanie with Overproduction

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Let’s get real for a moment. Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone. For some moms it’s an instant latch and they breeze right through to weaning, but for others it takes a whole lot of patience and determination to keep going, especially through the mastitis and bleeding nipples (#ouchie). Whilst overproduction of milk may sound like a dream for those of you struggling to produce enough, for moms like Melanie, the amount of milk she produced was making it impossible for her to breastfeed in public, so she stopped leaving the house!  As a last ditch attempt to get her life back, Melanie turned to Minbie in the hope of finally finding a bottle her baby would take so they could enjoy going out. And it worked!! 

What I love about the Minbie is it mimics my nipple so she understood how to latch. It was second nature to her - Melanie

The Minbie nipple has been designed to ensure your baby’s latch is unaffected when feeding from a bottle. So, for Melanie, this was the lifeline she needed to give her back her freedom. Her little one took to the Minbie nipple as if it was Mom’s and they’ve never looked back. The contours of the Minbie nipple supported baby Madeline to latch just as she did on the breast, training her breastfeeding muscle-memory and avoiding confusion. This Anti Reflux & Anti Colic latch strengthens and protects babies' immature digestive-systems whilst also protecting precious breastfeeding bonds.

Before Minbie, I really felt that my independence was gone - Melanie

Since introducing the Minbie to her routine, Melanie can now both breast and bottle feed without the worry of refusal or rejection. Madeline is so confident with the breast and the bottle that she can seamlessly feed from both in one feed. This new lease of life has not only allowed the family to be more mobile, it’s given everyone the opportunity to feed and bond with bub. Melanie is a more relaxed mom, and this harmonious feeding routine has made bonding moments so much more special. 


After about 6 weeks of breastfeeding your milk supply naturally adjusts to your baby's requirements, however, if you continue to produce more milk than your little one needs, it’s officially known as ‘oversupply’. There are lots of things you can do to help your baby feed effectively and help reduce the stress you’re feeling about feed times too. 

She can do bottle and breast in the same feeding, so it’s now become incredibly convenient - Melanie

If, like Melanie, you are struggling with oversupply, here are some things you can do to cope: 

🍼Change up the position: Let gravity work in your favor and change up your feeding position. If you are able, it’s worth trying to feed in a position that creates an ‘uphill climb’ for the milk to help slow down the pace. Laying down or only slightly inclined can make a big difference. Like many things, this takes a little practice but it’s important to persevere and find a position that works best for you both.

🍼Be prepared with Minbie: Having a bottle with various paced flow nipples to hand will give you the freedom to offer bub a bottle if you need to. There will be times when it may be beneficial to reduce the anxiety and simply offer a bottle of expressed milk, before popping bub back on the breast. Having the Minbie will allow you to do this without risk to your breastfeeding routine.

🍼Unlatch at letdown: When your letdown begins, it can help to gently unlatch bub and collect the milk in a clean bottle. This avoids the initial upset at feed time and prevents bub getting flooded with milk and/or frustrated because latching is a struggle. Once the ‘letdown’ has subsided you can simply return bub to the breast for the remainder of their feed. 

🍼Invest in a good pump: Of course, we don’t recommend unnecessary pumping sessions if you’re producing too much milk, however if you’re at the stage where you’d like to pump and save your excess breastmilk, then there are ways to do this safely. Having a comfortable pump that works with your body, not against it, and enables you to express your breast milk safely, is key.

If you are deciding to breast and bottle feed then you need this! - Melanie

Since adding the Minbie bottle to her feeding routine, there are no more uncomfortable or embarrassing experiences! Melanie no longer has to worry about her baby needing a feed whilst they’re out because she knows her little one will happily feed from the Minbie and her breastfeeding bond is well protected. 

If you’re struggling with overproduction and would like to discuss which nipples would be best for your baby, chat to our team today! 

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