How to get the best out of your Minbie Breast Pump

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There’s no doubt about it, when your baby arrives emotions will be running wild. Not only because this little person you’ve waited 9 months to see is actually here, but because your body has just faced its biggest challenge to date. As soon as bub is delivered, many complex hormones will be busy at work and boy will they be making their presence known. These incredible postpartum hormones mixed with those 'post birth feels' sometimes make feeding harder than expected, so the last thing you need is a battle with your breast pump. Here's how to get the most out of your pump so you can concentrate on that (other) gorgeous little bundle.


Many moms use the Minbie breast pump to express in the very early days. This is done for a variety of reasons. Some moms want to encourage their milk supply, others have a great supply and want to express some milk off to have in reserve in the refrigerator. If you’re keen to give your baby a mix of breast and bottle feeds this can be a great time to start. 

When it comes to milk production and using your breast pump, it’s really important to understand what’s happening to your body and how your pump can work with you! You might find you need a little extra help to build a good supply of milk for your little one, so accept all the offers of assistance! Eat well, stay hydrated, put your feet up when you’re told to and take this opportunity to stay in your pj’s well past lunchtime if you want to. 

Understanding the ins and outs of milk supply and how best to use the Minbie pump help will be priceless when the time comes! We've put together a few troubleshooting tips to help you get started with your Minbie Breast Pump.

🍼 Remember

Breasts aren't always ready to pump. Breast milk is a living thing and therefore takes time to produce. If you’re finding it hard to get any milk it’s best to stop, have a break and come back a little later to try again.  

🍼When your milk comes through there may be an oversupply.

Don’t panic, this will soon settle down as you and your baby work together to regulate the supply.


🍼Don’t expect to get the same amount of milk every time you pump. 

Your body will work with what it’s got, so even the slightest changes in your routine can have an effect. Stay well fed, well hydrated and (dare I say) it, well rested too.

🍼Don’t expect a let down when your breasts aren’t ready.

Using the letdown setting on your pump will only work if your body is ready. This is another good time to listen to your body, step away and wait. 

🍼If you’re keen to build your milk supply:

Simply put the pump on stimulation mode for 3-4 minutes after you’ve breastfed or after pumping. This mode makes your breasts think bub is still hungry so they will begin to produce more milk to fit the demand.  ‘Cluster feeding’ may also help build milk supply.

This is a great article on building your milk supply with the Minbie pump.

Great Investment ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I LOVE my Minbie Breast Pump, I love that it’s portable because it gives me the ability to pump anywhere, anytime. I also love that it’s comfortable and gentle on my nipples vs. other brands that are quite harsh. Would highly recommend this to any moms. - Esther. L

🍼Don't feel let down if there's no let down

If there’s no let down after you’ve put stimulation mode on for 3-4 minutes, it’s wise to have a break and repeat in an hour or so. Make sure the pump settings are always comfortable. It can help to put nipple cream on your nipple and areola before pumping. Staying relaxed will help the process, as will having your baby close or looking at a photo of them.

🍼Getting used to a pump is key.

Whilst the Minbie pump is powerful, it is hospital grade so the highest strength is capped to be safe. The multiple settings on the pump are there to allow you to be able to work in tune with your body and adjust the strength to suit your needs. It may take a little trial and error to get your routine down pat.

🍼 Understand what settings work best for you

When you have a letdown it’s best to start with the settings low and adjust the frequency and/or the strength gradually until you find what works. It’s worth bearing in mind that the strongest settings aren’t necessarily the best settings, so it’s beneficial to read the manual and allow yourself a little time to get to know your pump.

🍼Understand what settings won't work

When you’re in expression mode, you must never have the frequency on 5 or 6 and the strength on 8, 9 or 10. The reason for this is that the pump draws and there is then no time for your breast milk to flow. When using your pump on strength 8-10, the frequency should be on 1. 


Breast pump ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love that it’s portable. So easy to use and keep up to date with house chores. Great when bubs skips a feed to pump both so milk supply is staying up. - Kailah.R 

Reading the manual that comes with your pump is incredibly important. The Minbie pump is designed to work comfortably, in tune with you, so what may feel ‘too comfortable’ is probably just right! This can be a steep learning curve if you have used other pumps prior to this. Understanding how the Minbie pump works, will ensure you know exactly what you’re doing and what the pump is doing too.

If you’re thinking about using a breast pump when your little one arrives, or perhaps you have a pump that isn’t working as effectively as you’d like, check out the Minbie Pump here. 

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