At minbie, our mission is to empower parents to protect the breastfeeding journey.

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how minbie protects breastfeeding and gives mums the freedom they deserve

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Real Stories

The Minbie pacifier is here & moms are lovin' it!

The Minbie pacifier offers a new way for bub to settle themselves without affecting their latch or your breastfeeding journey.

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Breast & Bottle Feeding

Finding relief for infant reflux & colic with Minbie

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Breast & Bottle Feeding

Baby colic - what it is, why it happens and what you can do about it

Colic is a very misunderstood term, however. The way it is often used in lay circles leads people to think that it is a single medical condition but that’s a common misconception. In this blog post, I clarify exactly what colic is and discuss why it occurs.

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soothe & calm


orthodontic design takes the pressure off baby's gums offering better protection

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