A Working Mom and Dad need a working baby bottle

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A Working mom and dad need a working baby bottle

A working mom is not a novelty, it’s a reality and a necessity. It pays the bills, provides financial independence and stability, and also fulfilling for some. It is, however, the enemy of spending time with one's baby or family. Hence, the need for the option of a baby bottle, this doesn’t mean just any bottle; it needs one that does the job well. A bottle that goes to work while mom is at work.

Nancy and husband baby feeding stresses 

One of our Minbie moms Nancy, shares her experience with finding a bottle for her son Rylan, she told us the following:

“I am Nancy and this is Rilan, he is 41/2 months. Since he was 3 months old we have been trying to figure out what bottle we could use to just help him transition into when I would go back to work. So we’ve tried two other brands and he would just cry the whole time when my husband would try to feed him it was just stressful for everybody involved.”

Bottles are not just for me time, they are a need

The need here was not a frivolous one. It is a genuine need of parents who have dual roles: family and work. Both roles are important and require proper management. One does not cancel out the other. Parents primary concern is the family that is why they seek the best solution to their feeding needs. When this is taken care of the other will flow more smoothly. Stress and breast milk production do not work well together, so easing the burden and stress on the family, especially mom who may be breastfeeding and pumping, is important.

Montreal Dispensary Diet list some of the factors that affect breast milk production and it sites stress as one of them. (https://www.dispensaire.ca/en/article/factors-affect-production-of-breast-milk/)

Nancy explains more of the strain on her family and her husband of trying to find a bottle for their son Rylan: “Stressful for his dad to try and feed him and while he was trying to feed him I would be trying to pump and I would be so stressed out. So we found the Minbie  bottle and immediately he  just took to it.” Their solution was Minbie bottle, it allowed for a smooth transition from breast to bottle because it provides a latch that is natural for babies: https://minbie.com/

“It was just more like the breast it was easy and everybody was so calm about it and we love it so we couldn’t recommend it enough for all moms who are returning to work and just want to know that their baby is taking the bottle and you know is well fed while they are gone.” The trick with Nancy’s success was a bottle that did not change the way Rilan had to latch. For the transition from breast to bottle to go as smooth as possible a baby has to have a certain level of familiarity and comfort. This may be the difference between success and failure.

Your return to work can be less stressful

Nancy’s bottle feeding journey was not a clear path to success. She had some trial and errors before it worked out well. This may be your situation, you may still be in the trial stage of your journey still searching for a good solution to your baby taking a bottle. We are here to assist you on this journey. Talk to us right here on chat  we have a team of moms who have experienced many of the challenges you may be having. You can also send us a message at info@minbie.com  we are available almost 24 hours.  Don’t wait until you have tried every bottle before trying Minbie. You can make your last bottle be your first bottle.


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