Baby refusing the bottle? Minbie can help.


Baby refusing the bottle? Minbie can help.


Baby refusing the bottle? Minbie can help.


A baby may refuse to feed on a bottle for the most obvious reason; there is nothing like the comfort of being attached to mum, which is more than understandable. Breastfeeding provides valuable nutrition for the growing infant. Breastfeeding also nurtures a closeness that no bottle can substitute.

Then there is the issue with the difficulty of going from the breast to the bottle. The teat of a bottle has a different texture and shape than that of a mother’s breast. As a result, a baby often has to adapt to a different feeding pattern that makes it harder to feed. 

The first is natural and acceptable; the second is not, and should not be accepted. A bottle nipple cannot be exactly like a woman’s breast, but it can be similar in terms of shape and also with some of the physical benefits. 

When a baby attaches to his mother’s nipple with suction, several things happen. When a baby rolls the tongue for suckling, the technique sets the pattern for a correct healthy swallow right up to the adult stage. The movements of the tongue, lower lip and lower jaw draw out the milk while feeding. These exercise the muscles, ensuring that babies facial musculature development is better supported.

With the above as a guide, the choosing of your baby’s bottle should be done based on how similar the shape is to the breast. Minbie bottle was designed to mimic the breast. Because of this similarity, a baby has a more natural transition when switching between breast and bottle. That is why there is a higher success rate with Minbie bottles.

Bottle preference

The danger of bottle preference or nipple confusion should never be considered a myth. One may say a baby would never refuse mums breast. All that is necessary is for mum to put in more effort into breastfeeding. Worst yet that a mum gives up because it is easier to bottle feed. A breastfeeding mum whose breastfeeding is well established can nourish her baby without the inconvenience of making up a bottle, sterilising, getting the temperature right, getting out of bed for a feed (some mums co-sleep). Those are benefits to the tired mum who needs as much rest as possible. The mum who only bottle feeds cannot do the same.

What are the possible causes of nipple confusion? 

Some babies are fed from a bottle right after birth (in the hospital). The flow from the bottle can be too fast making it easier to feed. When that baby is put on the breast, more effort is required to get the same flow. A mother’s milk comes in in stages. Thus the flow from the breast and the bottle will not be the same 

The shape of the bottle nipple is the other factor that throws off a baby’s feeding. The bottle nipple and mum’s nipple may be so different that the baby finds it too hard, and by default choose to stick with one, and sadly the chosen one is not mum’s. 

The question is, how do you avoid nipple confusion and still use a bottle? Select a teat that closely matches the natural nipple. The shape and pace should be as natural as possible. Minbie teats are the natural selection for this purpose. 

How can the Minbie Bottle Teat better help your feeding journey?


  • Mum’s breastfeeding gets the help it needs when a bottle is used. 
  • A baby does not learn a lazy feeding style that endangers the proper facial and muscular development.
  • It helps with reflux because it reduces the amount of air a baby takes in, and it also does not make it easy for a baby to overfeed.
  • There is no danger of nipple confusion.

We can help you with your breast and bottle feeding journey. Check out our range here: