Jules and Jimmy are ready for anything with the Minbie Bottle Feeding System

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No matter how many times well meaning relatives tell us we’re about to experience the biggest challenge of our lives, we still walk through the front door, babe in arms, in total shock, awe, and let's face it, FEAR!  Becoming a parent is as joyous as it is nerve wracking, so it’s no wonder new moms and dads just like Jules and Jimmy want to ease their way in gently with a seamless bottle feeding system that offers so much more than peace of mind.


This new family made the decision to breastfeed their daughter when she arrived, and as long as everything went to plan, mom Jules was keen to add the occasional bottle into the routine. There are so many reasons why families look for a bottle that won’t harm breastfeeding but for Jules and Jimmy it was mostly about sharing the caring.

The comprehensive selection of products Minbie offered, made it easy for Jules & Jimmy to have flexibility when sharing the load. Minbie also made it much more straightforward for these new parents to enjoy the freedom that comes with this kind of routine. 

The freedom to pick and choose

Opting for the Complete Package gives families the freedom to pick and choose how they want to organise their schedule. Jules never feels stuck in the nursery pumping alone, as the portability of the pump means she can pump in the kitchen whilst Jimmy cooks dinner. Dad gets to take control of the bedtime routine whilst mom gets a little time to chill, and the sterilizing is so super easy it can be done just before bed and safely left until morning.

This kind of harmonious feeding journey, where everyone can get involved and seamlessly work together has proven itself to be a real winner, not only for mom’s mental health, but for everyone's bonding experience; and this superb teamwork really does strengthen relationships. 

Having a bottle that so perfectly belongs, replicating the breast in this way, meant that new dad Jimmy wasn’t left on the sidelines at feed time. Minbie's unique nipple offered reassurance to Jimmy, who really longed for his own bonding time. Dad can relax with Minbie, knowing that the bottle he’s offering won't have any implications on breastfeeding. In fact, Minbie has proved time and time again, that it can help bub become a more efficient feeder. More than 300,000 parents have used this unique technology to nurture their babies breastfeeding development avoiding latch issues, colic, reflux and refusal. 


The Complete Package:

Bottles & Nipples–For Jimmy & Jules the 4 (2 PP + 2 PPSU ) bottles and 14 nipples of varying flows in this package has given them all they need for the first two years of feeding. They're ready for every growth spurt and change in baby Raffaella’s feeding routine. They've not only found a seamless transition between breast and bottle but have had no issues whatsoever when bub has progressed up to the next teat size.

When you have everything to hand, there’s no stress when routines change! 

"Getting her on the bottle early was fantastic because it just gives us the peace of mind to have friends over for dinner or go out to a coffee shop for instance, and to be able to do that within the first month or so was great. Having the bottle with us, gave us the flexibility to do that" Jimmy

Breast Pump - The Minbie breast pump has empowered Jules to have flexibility in her routine. She pumps daily so that Jimmy can lend a hand, and also to give herself a little free time and the chance to have a wine with dinner! (Yes Jules!!) Our all-in-one pump has been designed to provide the most comfort, power, and portability to support a nurturing breastfeeding relationship for all moms.


"The breast pump's intuitive display and functionality was great in the early days when we were feeling overwhelmed with information when we first brought her home" - Jules

Steam Sterilizer & Dryer – The lightweight Minbie Steam Sterilizer & Dryer keeps 99.9% of harmful bacteria away, and is Dad Jimmy's favourite item in the package. He loves how easy it is to use, the time & space it saves, and is all over the 'set and forget' aspect of sterilizing with this unit.  

"One of the reasons I really love this sterilizer is it's actually really easy to use!"  Jimmy

Jules and Jimmy knew they wanted a bottle feeding system that offered flexibility, freedom and peace of mind whilst protecting breastfeeding. After much research they knew that Minbie was going to be able to deliver this and give the whole family the very best start on their new adventure. 

If you have any questions about how Minbie can support your family's feeding journey, talk to one of the Minbie Team today! 






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