Minbie Helps New Dads Support Breastfeeding

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When your baby makes an entrance, your whole word changes in an instant. With this beautiful new life comes a new element of joy… and of course, worry! Oh yeah Dad, you're about to start worrying about things you never knew you could worry about. This new found uncertainty is the very reason you need to be sure you’ve got the best bottle feeding system in place giving you the peace of mind needed from day 1. New dad Mark wanted to make sure he could offer as much help as possible to his wife and get his fair share of bonding time too! Here’s his story on how Minbie helped his family get the perfect balance!

"The Minbie was a real lifesaver for us" 

Minbie - Second to none

For dads like Mark who want to be able to support their partner and also help feed their breastfed babies, the Minbie bottle & nipple combination is second to none. This award winning unique nipple has been meticulously designed to replicate the way babies want & need to feed on the breast. (Just a heads up dad, it's not as simple as buying ‘any old bottle’ in the hope that bub will still happily switch from breast to bottle and make your life a little easier!) Your little one has been born with an instinctive way in which they feed, so when you offer Minbie, you're nurturing all the skills that nature has gifted your child. This is why the majority of Minbie babies are able to feed from the breast and the bottle without issue. They're using the very same latch and feeding technique for both. So, whether mom or dad is on duty, bub will still be pacing their feed and avoiding all those (pesky) common feeding issues such as lazy feeding and breast refusal.

"It's peace of mind for me, that when I'm spending time alone with my daughter, I don't have to worry about not being able to feed her; meaning that I can spend longer periods of time just me and her hanging out" Mark

Mark knew from the outset he wanted to be as hands on as he could with his daughter and found Minbie gave him this awesome opportunity to get in on the feeding without any upset. Read on to see how Minbie can help you get your fair share of baby time.

Top Tips for new dads

🍼 Get involved from the get go!

Getting involved from the start will not only give you all those extra precious moments together, it will also give you the opportunity to build your confidence as a new father. Supporting mom from day 1 to establish breastfeeding (if possible), and being there to keep the momentum going by supplying her with food and water, loading the laundry, washing and sterilising the pump items, offering emotional support and burping the baby will be priceless!

The Complete Premium PPSU Bottle Bundle will provide your family with all the bottles you'll need to establish a great routine & strengthen your breastfeeding journey.

🍼 Help with breastfeeding

Supporting your partner's feeding journey shows you really care. If this is your first baby, your encouragement is even more vital as you’re both still learning your way around parenthood, the lack of sleep & the art of breastfeeding. Investing in a Minbie bottle feeding system like Mark and his family did, will set you up with everything you need to be able to safely offer your support without risk to mom's breastfeeding. 

🍼 Keep learnin’

We're only gonna say this once dad: Reaching out to ask for advice is totally ok! Whether this is your first or third bub, there’s always space to learn new ways of doing things. Plus, advice changes regularly so it’s a good idea, if you're in any doubt, to ask the question! Our customer care team is online 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about feeding your little one! 

🍼 Take all the help you’re offered

And we mean it too, every...little...thing! If someone calls to offer a helping hand, you have our permission to tell them exactly what you need! Whether it’s a friendly chat over a coffee, a babysitter so you can take a walk or you desperately need some grocery shopping, take the help! Having a new baby is 'full on' and everyone understands, so be honest when you need a hand and be just as honest when you don’t want to see another living soul! (We get it!)

🍼 Look after each other 

Sharing the daily load is possibly the greatest way you can support each other. Listening to & understanding one another will go a long way to keeping you both above water during those early weeks. Minbie gives you the opportunity to take over when mom is exhausted, having a break or catching up on some zz’s and just like Mark, you too can rest assured that no matter who's feeding your little one, bub will be using the very same feeding technique helping prevent nipple confusion. Plus all Minbie nipples are anti reflux & anti colic.

"It's a bottle that we'd absolutely recommend to any other parents out there who want to continue breastfeeding and offer a bottle at the same time" Mark

If you’re on the lookout for a baby bottle that truly supports your whole family to ensure bub is feeding in a way that aids their digestion and encourages the suckling development of the jaw complex yet is gentle on their palate & gums, Minbie is for you! Enjoy the freedom & peace of mind Minbie brings to breastfeeding families! 

“It been really easy to use, she’s taken to it really well & my wife’s been able to continue breastfeeding” Mark

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