Minbie Supports Breastfeeding So Moms Can Safely Return To Work

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There’s nothing worse than the dread that hits you at 2 am when you realize you’re running out of time to get your baby onto a bottle before going back to work! Working moms usually have very little choice but to introduce a bottle into their feeding routine, so if you’ve begun trying to get baby to take a bottle or still haven’t tried yet, it’s important to understand why choosing your bottle carefully is crucial. New mom Cindy found Minbie such a “game-changer” because it’s designed to truly support & protect breastfeeding.

“It was so difficult going from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. My daughter wouldn’t take anything!  I tried so many bottles. I did my research and bought Minbie. I’ve never looked back” - Cindy

Stop wasting money!

So many Moms who are facing a return to work, fall into the trap of buying a collection of generic bottles because they assume a bottle is a bottle. This is simply not the case and as Cindy found, will leave you open to wasting hundreds of dollars on bottles that just won’t work and will confuse your breastfed baby. This is where many moms find themselves in hot water. 

Took the bottle! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“We struggled for 5 months trying EVERY bottle on the market. The first time we tried Minbie, he took it. I was able to go back to work knowing my baby would feed from the bottle!”- Jillian.M

Why is Minbie different?

When it’s time to head back to work, you want to know your baby is still feeding using the same technique they would if you were there. No one wants to be spending their days worrying about whether or not their baby is feeding ok at daycare! You deserve the reassurance and peace of mind that baby's feeding well and when bedtime comes, will latch onto your breast just as before (if not a little more expertly). This is what the Minbie nipple offers you. Minbie has been designed to create a stronger bond, giving you the freedom to safely offer a bottle without risk.

Unfortunately, most standard bottles you buy off the shelf don't have nipples with the ability to replicate the way babies instinctively feed on the breast, so naturally, they create confusion for little ones. That standard, round shape of most nipples allows bub to extract the milk easily and quickly causing gas, colic and other painful problems. With these generic nipples your little one doesn't have to work for their feed or use their instinctive latching technique making them ‘lazy feeders’. So, when you get home, you’ve got a grizzly baby & a struggle on your hands.

Minbie supports your breastfeeding even when you’re not there

Minbie is a new technology! Babies who feed from a Minbie bottle are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle memory. Your little one will practice latching properly onto the breast and work for the feed with their complex and instinctive breastfeeding technique. This technique is the best for protecting the longevity of the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship and is exactly the technique you want bub using when you just can’t be there!

What are the benefits of using Minbie?

🍼While you’re at work Minbie will nurture your little ones instinctive breastfeeding latch ✔
🍼Our award-winning nipple strengthens bub’s breastfeeding coordination helping maintain your breastfeeding bond✔
🍼The Minbie nipple avoids nipple confusion, ensuring bub will latch on to your breast when you get home✔
🍼Minbie replicates the instinctive breastfeeding motion so bub won’t be feeding any differently while you’re not there✔
🍼Our bottles support good digestion making sure your baby is comfortable✔
🍼You don’t need to worry about lazy feeding as Minbie’s correct flow nipples ensure bub is feeding exactly as they should be for their age, helping avoid spillage, spitting up, or leaking! ✔
🍼All Minbie nipples are anti-reflux & anti-colic reassuring you that bub will be more likely to feed (and sleep) comfortably whilst you’re at work✔
🍼Our unique nipple trains breastfeeding muscle-memory, making sure your little one returns to your breast just as before (if not a little more expertly)✔

Combined feeding success! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I was really apprehensive about ensuring our daughter could take an expressed bottle, as my experience with our son had been somewhat stressful! Prior to our daughter being born, I had read about Minbie and purchased the bottle ready! My husband has been able to give our daughter a bottle and it has also allowed me the freedom to return back to work for the odd days! Thank you Minbie” Dan.L

The Minbie Sterilizer & Bottle Bundle will make sure you’re ahead of the game when it comes to handing over to bub's caregiver. You'll have a collection of bottles that support & protect your breastfeeding as well as a fast, effective sterilizer that will take the hard work out of sterilizing & drying bottles and keep your precious bub safe from germs. The steam sterilizer also has the added benefit of steam cleaning, just make sure you've washed everything in soapy water and rinsed before popping them in. Be prepared, buy it now and save $33 plus get free fast shipping! 

Minbie makes the return to work stress-free for many breastfeeding Moms

Cindy, like many moms, needed a bottle she could rely on for the 'back-to-work' support she and her baby needed. Minbie is able to offer this support to parents because of the functionality of the nipple. Our nipple supports your baby to latch on like its mom, training their breastfeeding muscle memory, helping you see seamless transitions from the bottle back to the breast when you get home.

If you’re getting ready to return to work, now is the time to make sure you have all the support you need to make it as effortless as possible for your whole family.

Talk to one of our 24/7 customer care team who can advise you on the right flow rate for your baby.

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