Baby refusing the bottle? Read how Heidi and her baby turned to Minbie to overcome bottle refusal

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Are you finding it difficult or flat out impossible to get your breastfed baby to feed from a bottle? Don't worry mom, you're not alone!

Let's face it, bottle refusal is a total nightmare. It's upsetting, exhausting, frustrating and creates a whole lot of anxiety amongst us moms as we wonder how on earth we'll be able to get out of the house for 5 minutes or ever be able to return to work.

When you have no option but to breastfeed, it can seem incredibly limiting. Not having that extra security of being able to hand your baby over to dad or another caregiver for any length of time gets lots of new moms down. (Hey, we're only human after all!) Sharing the feeds can be a lifesaver for so many of us as it allows us to get more sleep and even have that extra long shower we've been yearning for!! Dreamy right! 

Heidi, now a Minbie mom, struggled with her little boy Noah who was refusing to take a bottle. She was at her wits end, when she finally came across Minbie. 

Heidi was keen to share her experience with Minbie, because it was such a game changer for her family. Going from being the only one who Noah would feed from to being able to hand him over to dad for the night feeds was incredible, especially after trying "every single bottle" she could get her hands on."

We had a lot of problems initially trying to get Noah to take the bottle. We bought every single bottle... and he just wouldn’t take it. He would play with the nipples, he would use it as a chew toy, I got quite desperate! I saw the  Minbie ad on Facebook and although I was skeptical I decided to give it a go... to my relief he basically took it straight away. It was amazing!-  Minbie Mum Heidi 

Time to put your trust in Minbie

Despite what you may have heard (or been told by your grandma), introducing a bottle to a happily breastfeeding baby can be easily achieved in the first 6 months!  It's purely down to making the right choice, first time round! The Minbie nipple has been designed to give mums the freedom to offer a bottle to their breastfed baby as and when they choose without risk to their breastfeeding bond. In order for this to be successful (and easy) for parents, Minbie has meticulously designed a nipple that mimics the way babies want and need to feed on the breast. This incredible nipple ensures that baby is practicing the correct latch so returning to mom is hitch free, and the risk of lazy feeding or nipple confusion is no more!  Of course, some babies are more picky than others, however, more often than not, when mom's choose Minbie, they have mix feeding success. 

When breastfeeding has been established and continues to be the only way you feed your baby it can be hard to hand over, ask for help or even come up for air. Choosing to mix feed, using breast and bottle can bring a new lease of life to families who need that extra flexibility and freedom.

So, how do you achieve this harmonious mix feeding? Well, it's simple, you put your trust in Minbie just like Heidi did. When you're ready to accept that offer of help, when dad is keen to feed or when it's time for you to head out with the girls, it's time for you to invest in your breastfeeding journey and choose Minbie. 

Life Changing Product ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My 4 month old refused every bottle but after one try with Minbie I never had bottle refusal again! Asia.N 

I think it comes down to the shape of the Minbie nipple. Noah just knew exactly what to do with it. I don’t know, it must be similar to my nipple I guess!  He takes it straight away. I actually tried going back to other bottles and he won't take them. So it was just great, he loves  Minbie  and it basically allowed me to become a lot more independent in the way that he doesn't totally depend on me feeding him.- Minbie Mum Heidi 

Minbie PPSU 270ml Bottle held in hand

If you have any questions about Minbie or getting your baby to successfully feed from a bottle, get in touch with one of our 24/7 customer care team. 


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