6 Month+ Bundle - 270ml Bottle, 2 Fast & 2 Advanced Flow Nipples & Silicone Seal - Save 20%

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Our premium Nipples is made from the highest quality German medical grade silicone. Unlike regular Nipples, Minbie allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding action as breastfeeding, avoiding nipple confusion, mastitis, reflux, and colic🍼✔️

  • 4 nipples made of premium-quality German soft silicone:
  1. 2x Fast Flow Nipples - Slower flow nipple requiring your baby to work at the feed
  2. 2x Advanced Flow Nipples - Slightly faster flow perfect for a 3 month old with a growing appetite
  • 270ml bottle made of BPA-­free polypropylene with bottle collar and cap
  • Special soft silicone seal for hygienic storage or transport of milk and for mixing formula
  • Exceptional 3-way Anti-Reflux & Anti-Colic
  • Requires babies to work at the feed
  • Ideal to have as a back­up for breastfeeding in case a bottle is needed from 3 - 6 months
  • Ideal for breastfeeding mothers returning to work
  • Ideal for bottle-fed babies, to support the baby's instinctive feeding technique handed to the baby through human evolution
  • Minbie can protect from the harm to breastfeeding of nipple-confusion, but it must be used as directed and preferably be the first and only bottle-teat used
  • Bottle is compatible with all Minbie teat’s
  • Safe to clean, store and transport