Minbie 6+ Fast Nipple, 2 Pack

Minbie gives you the freedom to introduce a bottle with the piece of mind that your baby’s natural breastfeeding technique will be kept in tact. Ideal for babies 6 months and up with a faster let down.


  • 2x Fast Flow Nipples
  • Storage pod for easy and hygienic transportation


  • This nipple has a non-drip slit, supporting your baby to work at the feed to extract the milk
  • Suitable for older babies requiring them to work at the feed while supporting their increasing feed ­rate
  • Comfortable latch and feeding-­action supports transitioning between breast and bottle
  • For babies that have been solely breastfeed, Minbie's familiar latch and feeding-­action help them to accept a bottle
  • Supports breastfeeding mothers that are going back to work to introduce a bottle while also maintaining their baby’s ability to breastfeed (avoiding breast ­rejection)
  • Supports digestive function & sleep