7oz PPSU Bottle Only
7oz PPSU Bottle Only
7oz PPSU Bottle Only
7oz PPSU Bottle Only
7oz PPSU Bottle Only
7oz PPSU Bottle Only

safer ppsu

7oz PPSU Bottle Only

all the benefits of glass without the worry of breakage. feed your baby with the safest high heat resistance bottle.

1 bottle: 7oz premium ppsu

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safer ppsu bottles

ppsu has a far higher heat resistance than regular baby bottles, making it the safest material for your baby’s feed. these bottles are heat resistant up to 356°F without any deformation or release of toxic substances so by selecting these lightweight, ergonomic bottles for your baby, you can be confident you’ve chosen a bottle that’s nontoxic, lead-free, easy to clean, and will stand the test of time! our ppsu bottles are dependable and durable with all the qualities of glass except the breakability so perfect for high levels of usage. ppsu stands for polyphenylsulfone.

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our premium ppsu bottle

clearly better


much higher heat resistance for safer sterilization. tested safe from BPA, BPS, Bisphenol’s, estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free).


dropped or thrown, it has a much greater shatter resistance than any other plastic or glass; and it won’t warp or crack in the dishwasher.


looks like glass, until you drop it.
a clear plastic that retains its gloss even after plenty of times in the dishwasher.

"it's more like breastfeeding"

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