6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack
6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack


6+ fast flow, 2 nipple pack

when feeding from minbie, babies pace and work for the feed with their instinctive breastfeeding technique, avoiding confusion & refusal.

2x 6+ Fast Flow Nipples

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product description

Introducing a bottle at 6 months or older can be tricky especially if you have tried and met with a definite no from your Bub. This is where the Minbie nipple is different from other nipples, because babies feed with the same latch and feeding motion used for breastfeeding. This familiarity makes it easier for babies to accept Minbie. If your baby has been feeding from the 3+ Minbie nipple, then the 6+ is a good next step to cater for their growing appetite.  When feeding from Minbie, babies pace and work for the feed with their instinctive breastfeeding technique supporting continued breastfeeding and their natural jaw development, which is important since much of human jaw development happens in the first four years.

How it helps your miracle

  • Allows you to introduce a bottle that won’t take over from the breast 
  • Is perfect for moms returning to work, dream feeds with dad and to give mom some much needed ‘me time’
  • Can help babies re-learn the proper breastfeeding motion and latch if the skill is lost while feeding with generic nipples

why our nipples

unlike other nipples, minbie's unique, patented design protects breastfeeding making it ideal for parents who want the freedom to introduce a bottle that won't take over from the breast. the unique shape of the minbie nipple supports your baby to continue feeding using the same instinctive technique they use on the breast, protecting from nipple confusion, lazy feeding, colic & reflux.

how minbie helps your miracle

•baby practices breastfeeding technique, to welcome you home for the real thing

•the shape of the minbie nipple helps to prevent lazy feeding and confusion 

•minbie supports good digestion and is gentle on the palate and gums

•minbie protects your long-term breastfeeding success by giving you the freedom to have a break when you need one without risk to bub's latch

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Review Highlights

loved It

overall this nipple was awesome! the shape and texture is great and a lot more 'life like' than other bottle nipples. my daughter took to it straight away! i'm always a bit concerned about confusing my baby with a nipple and don't want her to stop feeding from the breast.. the minbie nipple was the answer!

- jaimie

Thank You!

thank you so much minbie. i am happy! today is the day my 6 month old took a bottle, i was nearly in tears! XXXX

- dana

Very similar to latching onto the breast

brilliant, my 6 month old breastfed baby takes this no problem even though i only need to use it about once a week if i go out. he doesn't forget how to latch on because it's very similar to latching onto the breast. it means i can pop out knowing he won't be stressed struggling with a normal bottle. i would highly recommend it

- joanne


Nurtures breastfeeding

the meticulous way in which the minbie nipple has been designed gives peace of mind when it comes to breastfeeding support.

Strengthens bonds

life is busier than ever before and choosing to feed your baby with the minbie nipple means you aren’t doing it alone.

Anti reflux & anti colic

the intricate design of the minbie nipple is what makes it anti colic & anti reflux. it’s a total rethink of the baby bottle nipple.

Protects your baby

babies who feed from the minbie are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory and therefore avoiding nipple confusion and lazy latching.

revolutionary nipple design
revolutionary nipple design
other nipples
nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch


strengthens breastfeeding coordination


avoids nipple confusion


replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion


supports good digestion


helps reduce reflux and colic


trains breastfeeding muscle-memory


gently contours palate and gums




mom maree shares how the soft natural shape of the minbie nipple and premium PPSU bottle make her & her newborn baby happy.


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