6 Months + Bundle
6 Months + Bundle
6 Months + Bundle
6 Months + Bundle

6 Months + Bundle

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Your precious baby is both a pro at feeding and is really attached to you. You can’t risk nipple confusion or rejection. So don’t. Choose Minbie instead.

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Introducing a bottle at 6 months or older can be tricky with many babies refusing all generic bottles. Minbie bottles are different as they allow babies to feed with the same latch and feeding motion used for breastfeeding. Our bottles also feature anti-reflux and anti-colic functionality for optimal bottle-feeding comfort. This bundle contains Paced and Fast flow rate nipples enabling you to match your baby’s feeding speed.

      Our Nipple

      Patented Nipple Design

      Natural Latch

      • Nurtures your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding latch
      • Strengthens your baby’s breastfeeding coordination
      • Avoids nipple confusion
      • Enhances and protects your mother-baby breastfeeding bond

      Natural Feeding Action

      • Replicates your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding motion
      • Supports good digestion
      • Prevents lazy feeding
      • Anti-reflux and anti-colic

      Meet a Minbie Mom

      6 Months + Bundle