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Newborn Bundle - Includes 1 XS, 3 S Teats & 210ml Bottle & Accessories - Save 20%

SAVE 20% buying this bundle when compared to buying items individually! Free Shipping Over $40📬

Ideal for parents of newborns who find the need to introduce a bottle but who don't want their newborn getting lazy-feeding/nipple-confusion.  These are parents want to protect their newborn's precious developmentally natural and beneficial instinctive breastfeeding technique.  They are parents who want to protect the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship.  They are parents who want better breastfeeding outcomes by giving their baby practice for a proper breastfeeding latch with Minbie. They are parents who want their baby in control of the feed during the newborn to 3 months stage. They are the parents who understand not to allow their newborn to be fed with generic teats.  They are parents who want the very best for their baby, and who protect their newborn's right to feed with the innate feeding reflex handed down through evolution. Contains 2 feed rates to assist you to match to your newborns current feeding rate.  


  • 1x 0+ Extra Slow 
  • 3x 1+ Slow Flow nipples
  • 7oz bottle made of BPA­ free polypropylene - durable and comfortable to hold
  • Silicone seal and cap for mixing formula and hygienic storage and transportation


  • Exceptional 3-way Anti-Reflux & Anti-Colic
  • Supports a proper breastfeeding latch
  • Requires newborns to work at the feed
  • Ideal to have as a back­up in case a bottle is needed from newborn to 3 months
  • Ideal for bottle-fed newborns to support the baby's instinctive feeding technique, handed to the baby through human evolution
  • Ideal for using expressed breast­milk for top­-up feeds while providing practice for a baby’s instinctive breastfeeding reflex 
  • Minbie can protect from the harm to breastfeeding of nipple-confusion, but it must be used as directed and be the first and only bottle-teat used
  • Bottle is compatible with all Minbie teat’s
  • Safe to clean, store and transport