Minbie 1+ Slow Nipple, 2 Pack

The 1 Month+ Slow Flow is designed to protect, preserve and strengthen your newborn natural breastfeeding technique, for seamless transitions from breast to bottle.


  • 2x Slow Flow Teats
  • Storage pod for easy and hygienic transportation


  • Ideal for supplementary feeding breastfed full-term newborns that need more milk-­flow than the Minbie 0+ XS
  • Patented design allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding-action as breastfeeding, avoiding nipple confusion
  • Develops breastfeeding coordination and allows your baby to work at the feed, reducing reflux and colic
  • Ideal for top-­ups with expressed breast-­milk (EBM)
  • Instinctive feeding-action helps release digestive enzymes for a happy tummy and sleep