0-6 Month Bundle
0-6 Month Bundle
0-6 Month Bundle
0-6 Month Bundle
0-6 Month Bundle
0-6 Month Bundle

0-6 Month Bundle

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Nourish your newborn miracle and strengthen their ability to both breastfeed and bottle feed.

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Goes With:

  • Enhances and protects a perfect latch for breastfeeding
  • 4 nipple flow rates honour your baby’s developing feeding rhythm
  • Supports digestion, is anti-colic, and anti-reflux 

    Encourage your newborn’s instinctive latch, feeding, swallowing, and breathing movements with a bottle created to honour nature. Nurture your baby with a bottle designed to protect and enhance your breastfeeding bond. Minbie helps prevent nipple confusion, colic and reflux. Contains 4 different flow rate nipples to support feeding development newborn to five months.

    Our Nipple

    Patented Nipple Design

    Natural Latch

    • Nurtures your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding latch
    • Strengthens your baby’s breastfeeding coordination
    • Avoids nipple confusion
    • Enhances and protects your mother-baby breastfeeding bond

    Natural Feeding Action

    • Replicates your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding motion
    • Supports good digestion
    • Prevents lazy feeding
    • Anti-reflux and anti-colic

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    0-6 Month Bundle