Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle
Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle

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Breast Pump & Bottle Bundle


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hospital grade breast pump

with the help of hospital grade suction, stimulation and expression modes, five adjustable pace settings and twelve adjustable power levels, you’ll be able to express more milk in less time. now, with 6 soft silicone cups in 3 different sizes, (2x 21mm, 2x 25mm and 2x 29mm) included, you’re sure to find the perfect fit straight out of the box. unlike other pumps, this one won’t tie you down!  our long lasting rechargeable lithium battery means your pump goes where you want, when you want and the handy backlit display paired with an ultra-quiet motor will make sure those midnight pumps won’t disturb any nearby sleepers.


a powerful hospital-grade pump with a range of cycle and pumping strength settings designed to give you more personalised pumping options.

  • closed system is more hygienic

  • touchscreen LCD controls, a timer and an adjustable nightlight

  • additional cycle and vacuum options allow you to find what suits you best

  • comes with 3 sizes of shield and a sizing card to help you find the best size

  • everything you need for double pumping

  • 1 x charging cord

breastfeeding support


when used as the first and only bottle, minbie’s unique nipple allows your baby to feed just as they do on the breast, training instinctive breastfeeding muscle memory and nurturing their instinctive latch.

minbie’s revolutionary anti-reflux and anti-colic nipples offer superior support of the mother-baby breastfeeding bond and allow bub to practice a proper, comfortable breastfeeding latch for direct-latch breastfeeding, therefore helping protecting them from the discomfort of reflux.


minbie's anti-colic valve and unique latch design helps prevent your little one taking in too much air, resulting in a more comfortable tummy.

extra slow & slow nipples encourage bub to work for the feed at their own pace at every stage of their journey, just as they do on the breast.

the unique breastfeeding nipple provides practice for comfortable, direct-latch breastfeeding helping prevent mastitis.

ppsu bottles

Safe & sound

PPSU stands for polyphenylsulfone, a safe material for baby bottles because of its higher heat resistance. PPSU is a medical-grade plastic that's naturally honey-toned and incredibly hard-wearing. It's a safe, non toxic, lead free plastic, making it the 'gold standard' when it comes to baby bottles.

As clear as glass 

our PPSU bottles have all the qualities of glass except the breakability! PPSU is perfect for high levels of usage and remains as clear as glass for your entire feeding journey and the next one too! hardwearing, transparent, long lasting and safe for your precious bundle!


PPSU has a far greater shatter resistance than any other plastic. despite its lightweight feel; multiple uses, countless washes and even a few bounces won’t damage these incredibly hard wearing bottles. 

Heat Resistant

PPSU is temperature resistant up to 180ºC without any deformation or release of toxic substances. by choosing minbie PPSU bottles for your baby, you can be confident you’ve chosen a bottle that’s easy to clean, strong enough to sterilize at high temperatures and will stand the test of time!


• one (1) breast pump

• 2 x 0+ extra slow nipples

• 2 x 1+ slow nipples

• 2 x 3p paced nipples

• 2 x 3+ medium nipples

• 2 x 9oz premium PPSU bottles & 2 x free pp bottles

Breast pump contains:

• 6 x soft silicone cups(2 x 21mm, 2 x 25mm, 2 x 29mm)

• 2 x outer breast flanges

• 2 x diaphragms 

• 2 x white caps (seals diaphragm)

• 4 x tubes 

• 6 x tube connectors 

• 2 x bottles (for collecting milk and storing) 

• 2 x bottle caps 2 x dust covers (for cups) 

• 1 x rechargeable lithium battery (enclosed in pump) 

• 1 x charging cord

shipping and warranty

• free express shipping

• 1 year warranty 


pump dimensions

• depth: 15cm / 6”

• width: 16cm / 6.2" 

• height (includes handle): 22cm / 8.6”

• weight: 2.33kg / 5.136lbs

• power level 120V - 60Hz. Output 15V

• industrial standard maximum strength safety limit 33kpa = 247.52mmHg.

• minbie pump maximum strength set slightly under at 31kpa = 232.51mmHg

• shield size guide - measure the base of your nipple where it meets your areola

• (m) 21mm - for nipple diameter 17mm or less

• (l) 25mm - for nipple diameter 21mm or less 

• (xl) 29mm - for nipple diameter 25mm or less.

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hospital grade power combined with customizable settings and a natural breastfeeding feeling stimulates greater milk production in less time. worried about a return to work or time spent away from baby? let minbie help fill your freezer and your baby’s tummy.



electrical socket not quite close enough to your favorite cozy lounger? not to worry! powered by a rechargeable lithium battery our hospital grade double pump is portable, which means you’re free to pump wherever you feel most relaxed. lightweight with an ergonomic handle, comfortably carry this pump for up to 3 hours without needing a recharge.



be in comfortable control of your feeding journey with soft, flexible silicone cups that are gentle on your sensitive breast tissue. select a suction level that best suits your body and remove discomfort from your pumping routine.



breastfeeding isn’t a nine to five, so we’ve designed a pump specifically for around the clock use. with the quietest motor on the market and a sleek backlit display with nightlight, you can pump at any hour of the night without waking any sleeping giants or little angels.



we treasure your breastfeeding bond and have designed our pump to do the same by simulating the natural sucking motions of your baby, which helps to build and maintain your milk supply. comfortable silicone makes it easy for you to pump and feed simultaneously.

more milk in less time

Breast Pump & Bottles

pump anywhere, anytime in comfort with all the bottles & nipples needed for the first 6 months.


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