Premium PPSU 3 Month+ Bundle

Premium PPSU 3 Month+ Bundle

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A good bottle feeding system is key to having the flexibility to both bottle feed and breastfeed. This gives the peace of mind of returning to work stress-free knowing your baby is feeding well with a carer. It also cuts down some of the pressure in emergencies knowing your baby will take a bottle if needed. This teat is also the best solution because it develops a baby’s proper feeding technique making for a good transition between breast and bottle feeding. The 3 Month Bundle offers excellent savings with the bundle discount of four teats of two different flows to suit the changing feed rates of your baby.
  • Our contours teach baby to latch-on like it’s mum, training baby’s breastfeeding muscle-memory

  • Our vent floats air away from the milk which is anti-colic

  • Enables the instinctive breastfeeding motion preventing lazy-feeding & supporting milk digestion

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