The solution to nipple confusion is available, learn how...

Are you nervous about nipple-confusion taking away your right to breastfeed your baby? A baby’s bottle is to fit in with the feeding journey, not set the pace of the journey. Sadly many moms are robbed of this through no fault of their own. Minbie is not accepting this. This is a humanitarian issue for Minbie and we are committed to fighting for this. Nipple confusion can be avoided by using Minbie when an alternative to breastfeeding is needed. It is a bottle that knows its place it  allows parents to both breast and bottle feed successfully. It takes the place of a complement and a helper to breastfeeding; the choice of a bottle when needed.


When a baby bottle is not a true complement for a breastfed baby it endangers breastfeeding: Tiffany had this problem when her beautiful baby girl Elena started preferring the bottle, she shares her story:

When Elena was about 6 weeks old she decided that she didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. We always had a struggle with it because since she left the hospital she was bottle fed.

We cycled through different bottles that claim to be breastfeeding friendly, but Elena still prefers the bottle over everything else.

The situation is not acceptable. Tiffany and Elena deserve the right to continue their breastfeeding journey. The bottle should not have ended this journey prematurely. Happily, for Tiffany, she did not give up, she searched for a solution, she continues:

Finally, I got super desperate and I started looking online and I came across Minbie. Most of the struggles that people were having were that their babies didn’t want to take a bottle that they preferred the breast. So, I figured that if that was the solution to that problem it could probably help me with my problem. Since it seems like it was the most natural shaped teat for babies. Ever since we started using the Minbie bottles Elena is completely fine with breastfeeding, she does not cry anymore she even prefers it (breastfeeding).” A real happy ending for Tiffany and Elena.

If your baby is nipple confused all is not lost. As mentioned the time to stop breastfeeding should hopefully be determined by you. Tiffany did not allow her daughter to stop breastfeeding because of a bottle. She can now continue her breastfeeding journey right up to the finish line.

Tiffany continues “There is no nipple confusion between the Minbie bottle and between breastfeeding. She can go back and forth. I can feed her, her dad can feed her. So, they really save our breastfeeding journey. It was to a point where I was ‘oh my god I am not going to be able to breastfeed my baby anymore.’  Using Minbie bottle has been amazing. She is an exclusive Minbie user.

A bottle that works with breastfeeding…

Minbie bottles perform a very specific function that no other bottles do. Minbie works to protect a baby’s instinctive breastfeeding technique. This means it works with a baby’ s natural feeding style. This is the primary objective of the Minbie nipple and it does not veer from this. In the same way that babies don’t change from what they need to thrive and develop, Minbie does not change from providing a proper latch.


If your baby is not taking the breast as well as you want, or is showing a preference for the bottle, let Minbie help you. Let Minbie help you preserve that precious bond that only lasts a short time in you and your baby’s life.

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