"How Minbie helped my boy overcome Tongue-Tie” - Steph’s Story

Have you been told your baby has a tongue-tie? Steph tells her tongue-tie story here and how Minbie helped her and baby Albert get through.

A Working Mom and Dad need a working baby bottle

Finding the right bottle is not always easy but if parents know what to look for it goes a far way. Don’t wait until you have tried every bottle before trying Minbie. You can make your last bottle be your first bottle.

3 reasons why a mom may need to bottle feed a mom's story

A breast loving baby is a dream for many moms. They make feeding a little easier as there is no bottle prepping, sterilizing, getting up in the dead of night to make up a bottle and all that. On the flip side this said baby can be one tough nut to crack when the time comes for momma to introduce a bottle.

Dealing with oral aversion – a mother’s tale

Babies with oral aversion will demonstrate a reluctance, avoidance, or fear of eating. They may dislike any type of sensation around their mouths. It can be distressing to watch...