The solution to Nipple Confusion is right here - Tiffany's Story

Are you worried nipple confusion has taken away or is putting at risk your ability to breastfeed your baby? Here's how Minbie is helping real moms!

3 reasons not to use standard nipples

There are many reasons why breastfeeding Mums may need a little help. Whether you’re struggling to get breastfeeding started, trying to introduce a bottle so you can return to work or your baby has decided she prefers the bottle over...

Baby refusing the bottle? Minbie can help.

There are many reasons why your baby may be refusing the bottle and we know it’s not only exhausting for Mom, it can be really upsetting too. Let Minbie help!

Finding relief for infant reflux & colic with Minbie

Two of the most common conditions that young babies suffer from are reflux and colic. Both conditions can be very distressing for parents especially since there’s a lot of conflicting information about what causes them and how they can be...

My Bottle Battle - A New Mom Tells Her Story

Let me start off by saying my dad is going to hate that I’ve written a post about my breastfeeding journey. Now in his 70’s, a father of two children who were only ever bottle fed, he’s sure I’ve been...

Work and baby feeding: the challenges of a mom

I was one of the moms who waited ‘til about two weeks before I went back to work to introduce the bottle. It did not go well…

Baby refusing the bottle? Learn how Heidi was finally able to get her baby onto the bottle.

Are you finding it difficult or even impossible to get your baby to feed on a bottle? Did you factor this in as one of the possibilities with caring for your newborn? If you are reading this your response to the first question is yes and no to the second. 

How Minbie bottle helped mom return to college with confidence

We brought Mateo home and I started to supplement because I wasn’t producing enough breast milk, and he didn’t have enough wet diapers. It started to concern us quite a bit as parents...

Mom overcome baby bottle feeding challenges successfully

A baby bottle cannot solve all the feeding challenges a baby may experience, but it can help to prevent some and manage others. This can be achieved depending on the bottle used when faced with challenges and refusal.