How Minbie bottle helped mom return to college with confidence

Oh, how we wished that we could have our babies and be able to spend the time needed to be there all the time. Being the one who nurtures and care for them during their delicate stage and formative years. Reality and hope do not often travel together. Breastfeeding moms many times have many obligations that require baby being cared for alternatively. We have the story of Emily here, experience her struggles and see how they connect with yours.


Video Highlights:

0:20 Baby took another bottle in the early stages because of low milk supply

0:59 Tried introducing the bottle again for daycare and baby completely refusing

0:08 Anxiety as a result of bottle refusal and plans to start college

0:28 Finding Minbie

0:56 Daddy being able to feed his son

2:12 How Minbie nipples are different

2:41 Share story to help other moms



Video Transcript:


The story of Emily mom of a sweet little baby boy, Mateo

I wanted to share my experience with Minbie and how it has changed my family. He is a little fussy. It’s given us a lot of flexibility a lot of freedom it’s basically given me my life back

We brought Mateo home and I started to supplement because I wasn’t producing enough breast milk, and he didn’t have enough wet diapers. It started to concern us quite a bit as parents. So we started supplementing with formula. He took to the first bottle right away and I am thinking ‘oh this is wonderful’ I don’t have to spend dollar after dollar on bottles just for him not to take it. I thought I was one of the lucky ones, no.

We began to exclusively breastfeed for a quite a few weeks and I was super excited, it was a huge accomplishment for us. I was very proud of the both of us cause it was a very stressful journey; extremely rewarding. Around 6 weeks I wanted to reintroduce the bottle because he was going to start daycare at 9 weeks so I went to give him the bottle and he refused it, gagged on it spit it out.  

I became very stressed out, I spend dollar after dollar on brand after brand of different bottles. Just for him to refuse every single one of them. It created a lot of anxiety in me I wondered if I would be able to go back to college like I planned to. It was stressful I was exhausted I was at my wit's end and then along came Minbie.

It proved to be an instant success I danced when it arrived in the mail, I unboxed it I read the feeding tips inside which are very important sterilized the bottle, and he latched on immediately. It was a beautiful moment for me and I probably cried

Because of Minbie I am able to go out and wear something that’s not nursing appropriate because I know that he will take a bottle now. Daddy is able to feed him which has created a lot of bonding between the two of them.

It's allowed me to go back to college like I intended to. It’s been absolutely amazing. The difference I see in the bottle nipple the shape of the teat it’s not like regular bottles. It kinds of mimic breastfeeding for them and it allows the baby to control the flow as you can see. Milk doesn’t pool out of his mouth and he doesn’t choke on it, the flow is not too fast. He is almost 10 weeks and he is still using the extra slow flow and no problem he does not struggle.

I am sharing this in hopes to save another breastfeeding mom’s sanity, don’t have any doubts just go with it get Minbie don’t try anything else it will save you a lot of headaches and a lot of trouble in the end.

Breastfeeding is a natural wonderful thing but some regions have attached a negative stigma to it. As such it is viewed as inappropriate when a mom breastfeeds in public Some may feel that the mom should be strong and stand up to the opposition. But face facts life is enough of a struggle without constantly having to defend the basic rights of a mother and baby. We hope to one day see this being portrayed as it should. A mom doing what is natural without being harassed. This is a fight that we cheer because it means liberation for breastfeeding moms all over. How warp is this world? Breastfeeding is now a cause to be fought for.  🤱

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